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Apr 23, 2015 | General |

Time for the Final Restoration to Begin – Time for Christianity’s Tikkun (repair)

Tikkun: Hebrew for repair, rectification, correction

IT IS TIME! It is time for a final restoration (Acts 3:21) to begin. It is time to begin to repair Christianity – to restore the Christian faith to its original purity – to restore it to what it was in the first century before Rome corrupted it beyond recognition.

It is time to undertake a truth-offensive and for Christianity’s errors to be revealed. It is time for Christianity’s tikkun – a correction of Christianity that is desperately needed. It is time to pray with more intensity and love for the eyes of Christians to be opened to truth – that they will humble themselves, earnestly seek God, and be set free from those who perpetuate severe deception.

Christianity was long ago corrupted. It was broken by greedy men lusting for power and control of the masses – men who either hated Torah (God’s eternal instructions), were ignorant of it, or both.

The Roman empire needed a means by which to consolidate power, and they found that means through a severely bastardized and redefined “Christian” faith. That Roman empire continued even after the fall of Rome as the “Holy” Roman empire. Every subsequent denomination of Christianity, whether they know it or not, is nutured by the impurity of that spiritual empire.

Rectification, repair of the Christian faith is needed.

As stated repeatedly on this site, I do not condemn or disrespect sincere individual Christians – even those who openly condemn me to their mythological “hell”. In fact, I strive to honor their sincere yet misguided efforts, realize their contributions to humanity, and have met many Christians during my life for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration.

However, it is time to call the present day religious system of contemporary Christianity what it is – a pagan, lawless, fraudulent religion that represents, perhaps, the grandest deception in all of history – a deception that has kept and continues to keep millions upon millions of precious souls in darkness, separated from The Eternal God’s light of Torah.

It is a religion that, if not for the modernism of the present time, would be identical in many respects to the synergistic apostasy from which it was transformed by the pagan, idolatrous Holy Roman empire.

It was shrewdly accomplished when the emperors, for the purpose of strengthening their political security and power, consolidated the various heathen religions of the empire into what is now called “Christianity”. The foremost of those emperors was “Constantine the Great”, the emperor from 306 to 337CE and also know as “Constantine I”. It was he who first craftily devised the plan in the fourth century. That newly amalgamated religion was declared the religion of the empire by him in 324CE, after which he largely used his intimidating power to define its foundational tenets. It is therefore no accident that he was declared a “saint” of the “church” and is revered as such within the Christian world despite his loathsome personal character revealed by the facts of history. And of course the emperor made himself the head of that synthesized religion, a position that eventually evolved into what is now known as the “Pope” of Roman Catholicism, from which virtually all current Christian denominations originated. It is to that fourth century period in history we can point as the time in which the true faith described in the New Testament was derailed, kidnapped, perverted, and entirely redefined.

It is time to correct that error and return “Christianity” to its rightful and Biblical truths!

I am a man whose life spans almost six decades who was an active participant in Christianity until approximately the age of forty. Well before then, however, I had begun to see with growing clarity and had started separating myself from the severity of error in Christianity. I have now forever severed myself from that religion of darkness and deceit – or at least from the corrupted version that now exists.

I will no longer refrain from actively resisting its false teachings. I left contemporary Christianity and never intend to darken the doors of a church again except, perhaps, to honor the dead and grieve with family members by attending funerals. The Most High granted me and others vision into the depths of error that comprise Christianity: the antichrist it promotes (antichrist = replacement Messiah), the lawless anti-Torah foundations that constitute its core, the idolatrous worship of a false god, the false concepts of the afterlife, the general hypocrisy, the direct opposition it presents to the actual truths of The Eternal One, and the overall absence of truth and presence of untruth that constitute contemporary “Christianity”.

No more restraint from what needs to be said. No more entertaining the arguments of the willfully ignorant who do not care to devote themselves to intensely seeking truth. No more accommodating the beliefs of those victims of error, among whom are family and friends, while they refuse to sincerely consider that they could be wrong or to recognize the full extent of their delusion. They are at fault for generally showing no interest in sincere study of God’s Holy Word or the history that exposes Christianity’s duplicity, but that is a fault for which they must answer and which I do not have the authority to condemn. My feeling towards them is pity, not condemnation.

Indeed, I feel pity, love, and neither condemn nor dare to pass judgement upon those victimized by contemporary Christianity’s errors.  Nevertheless, it is time to stop showing respect for the beliefs of those who, knowingly or not, directly oppose fundamental truths and the God who revealed those truths.

No more hiding the absolute disdain I have for the religion of Christianity as practiced since the fourth century. May the great harlot of Rome and all her denominational daughters be exposed for what they are – grotesque spiritual whores.

It is time to expose the corruption, and if others do not like it, so be it. I no longer feel sympathy should be shown to those who demonstrate hypocrisy and laziness in pursuing truth. I care not that people do not like hearing the truth, and I am willing to accept their opposition along with that of all others who willfully refuse to seek truth while they oppose those who do. God comes before all things, and it is time to put Him first!

The time has come to openly oppose Christianity’s replacement of and desecration of the Messiah as he is truly defined in the New Testament, Christianity’s idolatry and desecration of God, and Christianity’s open opposition to God’s eternal teachings.

Again I state that it is time to call the religious system of Christianity what it is: a pagan, lawless, fraudulent religion – a religion of hypocrisy, idolatry, and gross misrepresentation of both Messiah and God. It is an abomination that will not survive the return of Messiah (Matthew 7:24).

May that day come soon.

Some will view such rebukes as arrogant, prideful, and presumptuous. Such people do not understand and show by such thoughts that the desires of God are foreign to them. In truth, The Most High looks with great delight upon those who exhort others to pursue good and to forsake evil. As quoted in the Torah classic, The Ways of the Tzaddikim, within the section which discusses the gate of pride:

“Pride against the wicked is extremely praiseworthy: rebuking them, shaming them, not humbling oneself before them, exhorting them to the good and against evil as much as one can. Though this may seem autocratic and haughty in the eyes of the world, since it is being done for the sake of Heaven it is praiseworthy. One must not humble himself before the wicked, as Mordechai did not humble himself to Haman.”

The type pride to which the quote refers is the sort that refers to self-respect, fulfillment, a sense of achievement, and dignity. It is not to be misconstrued as referring to vanity, conceit, egotism, or haughtiness.

To advance the good and oppose evil is among the highest missions a person can undertake. When done for the correct reason, which is to bring glory to God and service to both Him and our fellow man, it is extremely praiseworthy and pleasing to God.

During such an effort the one standing for the truth must never back down and must exert himself or herself to the full extent possible. We find mention of this from the same classic book within the section concerning the gate of humility. There we find the following quote which explores a unique scenario when it is necessary and pleasing to The Eternal One for a person not to be humble:

“What one must remove himself from, however, in this trait is humility and self-effacement before the wicked. About this the Scripture states (Proverbs 25:26): ‘As a muddled fountain and a polluted spring is a righteous man lowering himself before a wicked man.’ If he has the power, he must take revenge on the wicked for the sake of Hashem (God) (Berachos 7b) and adamantly oppose them and stand up against them as a roaring lion to rescue the robbed from the robber. And he must teach men Divine service and reprove them with all his power according to his wisdom; in the beginning, gently, and if this does not avail, he must shame them. He must exhort to good and against evil with mouth and tongue according to his ability. He must be quick to exact the dues of Hashem from those owing them, and he must not humble or lower himself in doing so.”

And such is my intent: to bring glory to the True, One and Only, Eternal Creator God, to serve Him, and to serve my fellow man for his ultimate good in the hereafter – to not back down from the evil errors of Christianity and the robbing of truth from the original faith which was temporarily kidnapped beginning as early as the fourth century. As of this moment she is still being held captive.

It is my duty and that of all other truth and God loving men and women to work to rescue the kidnapped truth from her captors.

Those captors who wish death to Torah, to promote blatant idolatry, and to place truth in bondage are, sadly, the current mainstream organizations of Christianity.

The wise will understand this and know that I am correct. The fools among Christianity’s leadership and their sincere yet deceived victims will understand nothing while continuing to assist in holding truth captive as she strives for freedom from her anti-Torah, idolatrous Christian oppressors.

Since Christianity claims to represent Biblical truth yet does exactly the opposite in most respects, it may be worse than all other religions. Other religions do not make such claims. They never purport to be “Biblical”. They are at least honest in their open admission to not being based on the Bible. Because of that they have a legitimate excuse for their errors. Not so for Christianity.

Therefore, because of its claim to being a Biblical faith while actually being very UNbiblical, Christianity is profaning God, desecrating His Name, and openly misrepresenting His teachings. As a result of its false claim to promote Biblical truth, contemporary Christianity is the most hypocritical and deceitful faith system on earth.

Here are three foundational errors of Christianity – errors which result in a religion that directly opposes the most crucial teachings of The Most High God.  These errors make Christianity a religion that is anti-God.  Such errors may prevent Christians from recognizing the Messiah when he returns and will likely place them in the position of actively opposing him.  These errors are the seeds of innumerable other errors.

1. Christianity literally replaces Scripture.

It implicitly discards the very Scripture God transmitted to mankind through His prophets. It then overrules those actual Scriptures with the New Testament which it has redefined as the supreme Scriptural authority.

The New Testament is not and never was intended to be “Holy Scripture”. I prove this conclusively in an article on that very topic. That article can be linked to here, and I challenge anyone to refute it. Let me state that again so I will not be misunderstood.

The New Testament is not, never was intended to be, and never will be “Holy Scripture”.

Read the article mentioned previously for proof. If you disagree with me yet refuse to even read the article, then refrain from any ignorant comments, stop displaying your foolishness, and admit that you are too biased and self deluded to investigate what that discussion proves. That material is absolutely irrefutable and easy for anyone to discover. Those claiming otherwise are either intellectually deficient or liars.

As I point out in that article, the New Testament itself clearly indicates what should be considered the final source of truth and the ultimate authority in all matters. That ultimate source is the Tanakh (Tah-NOCK), which contemporary Christianity calls the “Old” Testament – a label which reveals Christianity’s irreverence for God’s teachings.

“Tanakh” is an acronym for the 3 major types of writings that constitute the Holy Scriptures, the Torah (instructions), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (writings); thus, the TaNaKh. You will see this referred to in the New Testament as “the law, the prophets, and the writings”.

The very reason it is called “Old” by Christianity is because of the great harlot’s teaching that the Tanakh’s most important principle, the “Torah”, has been abolished and is no longer applicable. It is therefore, according to the lawless Christian ideology, “old” material that has passed its time of effectiveness.

Is the New Testament worthy of study? Sure! Does it contain material useful in interpretation of certain aspects of the Tanakh? Of course! Is it a form of “oral Torah” in a manner similar to Judaism’s “oral Torah” which provides explanation and expansion upon the written Tanakh? Absolutely!

But can it supersede or be used to overrule the Tanakh? NEVER! ABSOLUTELY NOT!  And that fact is clearly taught within the New Testament itself.

In fact, careful reading of the New Testament along with various Judaic works (which virtual no Christian ever reads) proves that the New Testament is actually more often than not a source of teachings which mirror the teachings found in Judaic writings. Christians do not know this because they never objectively study Judaic material and apply a completely erroneous interpretive technique to the New Testament. Devout Jews do not realize this because of many reasons, not the least of which is unscrupulous Judaic based counter-missionaries who conceal how closely the New Testament can be shown to mimic Judaic thought IF the proper context is used for interpretation of what is written in the NT.

Furthermore, the New Testament is actually a rather small compilation of writings that only slightly touches upon the most basic elements of a far broader oral Torah (teachings). (The New Testament is actually a form of “oral Torah”, a fact easily proven.)

Christians do not realize how much they are missing by limiting themselves to reading and studying only the New Testament. Frankly, there really isn’t a lot in the New Testament, and those who think there is are simply ignorant of how much those teachings can be further expanded, clarified, and defined.

It is very sad to me since I once also limited myself to study of primarily just the New Testament. Once I took my brain back from my church leaders, decided to think for myself and accept my personal responsibility, and set my own course for eternity, I discovered profound, incredibly uplifting and spiritually educational teachings surpassing anything I’d ever seen in four decades of Christianity.

Knowing what Christians are missing is why it saddens me so to see them refuse to study the teachings from which the New Testament gets the bulk of its material. Those teachings are found only in Judaic literature which the church condemns and Christians are too biased against to consider studying.

There is no argument that Christians will sometimes quote from the Tanakh and claim to revere it; however, their usage of it is hypocritical and fraudulent. Why? That question, which I will answer later, leads to my second primary point.

2. Christianity directly contradicts and opposes the core doctrine of the Tanakh – the primary teachings God wants mankind to understand.

That core doctrine is Torah, a word which literally means “teachings”.

Torah is the heart and soul of Biblical teaching. It is the central theme of the Tanakh. It is like a steady stream of thought winding its way through the pages of God’s Holy Word. It is as close as mankind can get to grasping the very essence of God Himself, given to mankind in such a way as to allow the most complete comprehension possible for a human to understand The Eternal Creator and His magnificent works and ways. It is the means – the only means – we have of fully grasping to the extent possible for mankind The Eternal’s attributes, works, ways, dislikes, and desires.

Yet remarkably, opposing Torah is the central and foundational doctrine of contemporary Christianity – the foundational premise of the entire religion of contemporary Christianity.

A SIDE NOTE: I would be remiss were I not to point out that Judaism also opposes Torah being spread to anyone other than “Jews”.  That elitism and exclusivity, along with Judaism’s opposition to the truth of the fundamental impartiality of The Creator God, is a topic for a separate discussion.  My point in this side note is that Christianity is not alone among “Biblical” religions who oppose The Creator’s wish that His Torah (teachings) be spread to all mankind.  Judaism promotes Torah, but it firmly resists Torah being pursued or practiced by “gentiles” (non-Jews) unless those gentiles first bow to rabbinic authority.  (Note that I said bow to “rabbinic authority”, not bow to God).  Judaism is also a faith in need of major tikkun.  However, by returning Christianity to its original faith practices, the correction of both Christianity and Judaism will be accomplished since those original followers of Yeshua represented the true and pure Torah based faith that, in addition to Christianity’s despicable departure from truth, was also corrupted by the institutionalizing of rabbinic “authority” evolving into what is now “Judaism”.  That rabbinic tyranny conspiracy began in a meeting of anti-Yeshua rabbis in Yavneh following the destruction of the second temple.  Actually “Judaism”, whether good or bad, is better labeled “Akivaism” since it is so heavily dependent upon the opinions of rabbi Akiva and his students.  But the rabbis of Judaism will likely not admit this historical fact.

Those Christians who believe that it is through Messiah Yeshua that we grasp the truths of The Eternal Creator need to understand that the only reason that may be true is because he, himself, was such a strong proponent and keeper of the Torah of his and our God – the One and Only God. Because of that, he was a physical embodiment of Torah – a perfect human model of Torah devotion and an example for us to adopt. But as I show when discussing the third major error of Christianity, adopting that example is firmly opposed by the Christian religion.

Therefore, even if Yeshua is considered the means to develop an understanding of The Eternal Creator God, it is still because of the Torah within him which manifest that understanding through him – primarily through his own faith practices and beliefs.  All those faith practices and beliefs were Torah centered – a faith which Christianity directly opposes!

Thus, Torah is still the only way and ultimate source.

Torah is also not simply “laws” or “legalism” as widely believed within Christianity. “Torah” means “teachings” or “instructions”. It does not mean “law”. There is an entirely separate term (halacha) that is used to distinguish the “laws” within the Torah.  There are other completely different words (Takkanot and Gezerot) for the Rabbinic decrees, often termed the “fences of Torah”.  “Torah” is the “teachings” of God. What Christians call “law” is only one aspect of Torah.

Most Christians have actually never – seriously, NEVER – read the entire Bible. This even includes those who view themselves as sincere and knowledgeable. Because of dumbing down and victimization by their leaders, many Christians are too shallow minded or ignorant of Scripture to realize – or too biased and arrogant to admit – that Torah, which is actually the teachings from God given to mankind, covers ALL aspects of faith: the characterization of God and how He interacts with His creation, repentance, faith, grace, ethical and moral teachings, the concepts of reward and punishment, the correct understanding of atonement, the responsibility of mankind, judgment and the afterlife, and every other aspect of spirituality that is possible to name.

Christians have been fed a load of pig manure from their Torah hating and ill-informed leaders who define Torah as simply legalistic “law” or “traditions of men”.

Deceived Christians do not realize that by rejecting Torah they are rejecting every single aspect of Biblical faith that existed throughout all Biblically recorded time previous to the redefinition of “faith” beginning in fourth century Rome by the early “church fathers”.

If we begin where Torah started in the world, which is at Creation, then that’s over four THOUSAND years thrown into the trash heap by contemporary Christianity, and another two thousand can be added to arrive at the present day.

Having been duped by their leaders and lead down a road of falsehood, Christians fail to realize that “Christianity” as it has been practiced since the fourth century is a religion that began with the complete discarding of the entire knowledge base of faith that had existed before they redefined it. The Torah hating leaders of early Christianity, after obtaining a majority following Rome’s devastation of the Holy Land, then drove off, censored, or killed those who represented the actual Messianic faith began in the first century. Afterwards they proceeded to unscrupulously erase from “Christian” teaching all the accepted understandings of the true faith’s details which were previously mentioned.

Almost six thousand years of Biblical faith is unknown to Christians because of their blind and foolish acceptance of the deceit and Torah hatred of their leaders, many of whom sincerely yet wrongly are convinced they are correct.

The early “church” leaders and many who followed threw away the previous four thousand years of that knowledge as a first step in the creation of the contemporary Christian religion as it now stands. They used the pagan religions of the Roman empire as their template for a wholly recreated “Biblical” faith. Constantinian Christianity (the religion began under emperor Constantine in the fourth century) is a completely reinvented and largely false faith that has a raw hatred for the Torah based faith preceding it – the Torah-centric faith that was believed and taught by all the great prophets of the Tanakh, Yeshua the Messiah, and all his original followers. Christianity is a counterfeit faith that bears only a slight resemblance to the actual faith of Scripture.

So Christianity since the fourth century is a recreated faith that began with the discarding of the true Messianic faith of Yeshua and all his original followers.  And most tragic of all is the fact that most Christians do not care and have no desire to study to find the real truth – the faith and teachings of the person they claim to revere (Yeshua the Messiah, or “jesus” the Christ).

It is so very sad. I should say most Christians currently do not care. They most certainly will care when the Heavenly court is called into session to pronounce judgment upon them, but then it will be too late.

Since very few Christians ever read or intend to read the entire Tanakh (irreverently called the “Old” Testament) without imposing their defective bias upon it, they are locked in a state of self-imposed ignorance regarding the central focus of Torah found within the entire Bible (including the New Testament). They consider the Tanakh too boring, unnecessary, a waste of time, etc.

Trying to get a Christian to dedicate themselves to reading the Tanakh is often like trying to get a cow to eat steak or a fish to climb a rope.  I’ve tried many times – even with my own extended family and friends. It is against their nature. They have no desire to do so. They do not care to devote the time required. It gives them spiritual indigestion.  Worse still is the situation with regards to trying to get a contemporary Christian to sincerely study Torah.

They would rather feast on the poisonous weeds of their Christian doctrines, frolic in the entertainment and “feel good” emotionalism of their Christian organizations.  They prefer swimming in the polluted ocean of Christian falsehoods which are generally based on erroneous interpretations of the New Testament that they implicitly or explicitly consider to be superior to the Tanakh.

Above all else, Christianity opposes Torah. It is the central pillar upon which Christianity is built.  The opposition to Torah is the very foundation of the Christian religion as it has been practiced since as early as the 4th century CE. There is no single doctrine that is more universal among the thousands of varying belief systems that compose what is known as “Christianity”.

If you think the foundational principle of Christianity is the acceptance of “Jesus” as “Christ”, then you are naively deceived.

That principle is simply a component – a devised means using a faulty explanation of Messiah’s purpose to support the primary goal – which is Torah abolishment. The  “Christ” of Christianity, who differs drastically from the actual Messiah of the New Testament, is a weapon that is used to try and destroy Torah. The elimination of Torah from the world is the primary objective of Christianity and always has been since the fourth century. Unfortunately, they have greatly succeeded in the minds of Christians and much of the world.

“Torah” is a Hebrew word that designates the “teachings” or “instructions” of God. It is often somewhat incorrectly rendered as “law” in Christianity. By opposing Torah, which Christianity definitely does, the very teachings of The Eternal God are opposed.

But Christians will say,

“That is false! We do not oppose Torah. We simply believe that Torah was fulfilled in Christ and is, therefore, no longer in effect. A thing fulfilled is a thing made obsolete. We are now in the ‘dispensation of grace’ and have moved beyond the ‘dispensation of works’.”

I know that is what they will say because for much of my life I said the same thing, heard it preached continuously, read it in Christian literature, and discussed it with others countless times. I was wrong, and so are they. In such statements you can clearly see how, as I stated previously, “Christ” is simply an excuse that is used to support Torah abolishment.

Wake up Christians! See the misrepresented “Christ” of Christianity for what he really is – a tool for Torah destruction.

The typical Christian response is a veiled attempt to avoid stating the obvious, which is that they do oppose God’s Torah, although to be honest they are usually direct in stating such opposition. By claiming something to be obsolete they are explicitly claiming that it is useless and dead; thus, they are declaring death to the Torah – death to what God through the prophets often and explicitly stated is eternal, everlasting, forever, and perpetual. Death to THE primary teachings of God. Indeed, death to God, the giver of Torah, and replacement with their false Trinity God or some other form of idolatry that claims “Jesus” is “God in the flesh”.

A secondary issue is revealed with the fanciful idea of a “dispensation of grace”.

Christians are ignorant of the fact that throughout man’s history God has always applied “grace”; thus, realistically speaking, mankind has been in a “dispensation of grace” since the dawn of creation.

Additionally, the interpretations of the New Testament passages in which Messiah or other New Testament authors say or imply that he came to “complete/fulfill” Torah are incorrect. As usual, by failing to apply the correct Judaic/Hebraic interpretative context in which the New Testament writings were written Christians tragically misunderstand the intent of such statements. And they do it habitually and shamelessly, all the while promoting that God’s ETERNAL teachings are null and void. And most amazing of all, they show absolutely zero timidity or hesitation when declaring God’s Eternal instructions to be abolished. The irreverence shown by the typical Christian towards God and His Eternal teachings is incredibly profound.

But I digress. What the New Testament may or may not say is irrelevant when it comes to which portion of the Bible has priority and primary authority. The Tanakh is the final written authority on all matters of faith and practice.

If Christians claim to revere the Tanakh and sometimes quote from it, how is such usage of the Tanakh hypocritical and fraudulent?

Answer: By quoting from the Tanakh when it suits their purpose Christians desecrate the very God they claim to worship as they quote from a firmly PRO-Torah set of writings and apply it to their ANTI-Torah foundational teachings. It is deception, hypocrisy, and desecration of The Name in a most severe manner. And once again, they do so with no shame or apology whatsoever.

3. Christianity seriously misrepresents the Messiah introduced in the New Testament.

Contemporary Christianity teaches against following Christ’s example, replaces him with a redefined imaginative character that differs, and is preparing Christians to reject the true Messiah when he returns.

In the article that discusses whether or not Christianity promotes following Messiah, I irrefutably prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christianity teaches against following Messiah (Christ).

Contemporary Christianity promotes that Christians are not to adopt his worship practices and faith system – that Christians are not to actually seek to be like him. Read the article linked to here for proof. As with other facts I present on this site, I challenge anyone to attempt to refute what is proven in that discussion.

The questions every Christian must ask are these:

  1. Why does Christianity oppose following Christ and actively teach against doing so by teaching against Torah? 
  2. Why does Christianity condemn or ridicule those of us who truly seek to follow and imitate the pro-Torah Messiah by adopting the same type faith that he, himself, practiced?
  3. Why does Christianity condemn the definition and worship of the God that Messiah obeyed, served, worshiped, devoted himself to, and prayed to – the very same One and Only God by whom he was resurrected?

These questions are crucial.  Sadly, there is an answer that applies to all of the questions, and it is simple.

The reason Christianity teaches against following the example of Messiah is because Messiah was firmly PRO-Torah. He embraced it, practiced it, and even taught it – none of which Christianity does and all of which it opposes.

Because of that, his faith example and method of devotion are in direct conflict with the ANTI-Torah foundations of Christianity. Furthermore, Messiah worshiped the TRUE God which Christianity has abandoned so as to embrace their false “Trinity”, a man-God, or even worse, their “Mary, mother of God and queen of heaven” blatantly idolatrous nonsense. Christianity forbids worship of Messiah’s God.

To truly follow Christ a person cannot practice the Christian faith as it now exists since it prohibits such practice and even condemns it.  Amazingly, a person must literally leave contemporary Christianity, as myself and others have done, in order to truly be “Christlike”.

Following the example of Messiah is not possible within Christianity, and doing so by adopting the Torah based faith and worship he practiced will bring ridicule and condemnation if it is attempted.

There are “Messianic” groups who falsely claim to have done so, but their alleged “Torah” practices are actually pseudo-Torah attempts which compromise truth in order to stay in the fraternity of Christian organizations. In fact, most Messianic groups are actually Christian outreach attempts started from mainline or evangelical Christian organizations who hold to the very same beliefs as their parent organizations; beliefs such as the Trinity or other idolatrous variations that are heresies forbidden by Torah.

As I say in another article, “The Pope can wear a tallit and parade around a Torah scroll, but he is still the Pope”.

Most Messianic groups are generally two-faced frauds who refuse to break free of Christianity’s wickedness because they covet the support and marketing advantages of remaining in Christianity’s good graces. They refuse to completely leave the “Babylon” of false doctrine, instead preferring to set up shop in the outskirts of the city basking in the city’s decadence, worldly power, and prestige. Such hypocrisy brings disgrace to Torah and desecration to all that is Holy. To truly adopt Torah study and observance Christianity as practiced today must be totally abandoned, and as of this date very few Messianic groups are willing to do that.

The fact that Christianity and its co-idolater, counterfeit Messianism, teach against mimicking the example of the one they claim to exalt is perhaps the single most glaring bit of evidence proving the wickedness and subterfuge of “Christianity” as practiced today and since as far back as the fourth century CE. It also heavily supports the point discussed next, providing additional proof of its accuracy.

Christianity promotes “antichrist”!

I discuss the antichrist in a separate article linked to here. As proven in that article, the term “antichrist” is a Greek word that means “instead of Messiah”, “replacement Messiah”, or “counterfeit Messiah”. That counterfeit is precisely the “Christ” Christianity promotes “instead of” the true pro-Torah, One and Only God worshiping Messiah presented in the New Testament.

The “Jesus Christ” of Christianity is an anti-Torah Messiah lie dreamed up in the minds of the antisemitic, anti-Torah, idolatry embracing Christian leaders of antiquity and supported by history’s agents of deception to this very day. He is not the Messiah Yeshua actually introduced in the New Testament writings.

The Messiah in the New Testament has little in common with the misinterpreted, mis-defined “Christ” of pagan, lawless contemporary Christianity. 

You want to meet the Antichrist? Go into just about any Christian church and you will. If you want proof, go read the article in which I discuss it.  If you wisely prefer to avoid the Antichrist, then stay away from contemporary Christianity.

As bad as the antichrist promoted by Christianity is, it will be significantly worse for the generation of Christians present when Messiah Yeshua returns to establish God’s Kingdom on Earth. The “final nail in the coffin” devised by Christian leaders to deceive Christians is the common misunderstanding most Christian groups have of “antichrist” and the characteristics they say he will possess upon his arrival.

Christians have been led to believe that the “Antichrist” will be someone with a significant following who is generally assumed to be Jewish. Furthermore, it is generally presupposed that he will lead in the accomplishment of military feats. However, the primary assumptions are that he will present a fundamental opposition to critical aspects of Christian ideology and that he is a future character who personifies all that is evil.

The idea that “Antichrist” may already be around (which he is), has been for centuries (which he has), and is within their midst is far from the thoughts of Christians.

And what of the outrageous “rapture” theory? I will not even waste time with such ludicrous nonsense.

Since Christianity is vehemently and firmly anti-Torah, what do you think Christians will think of a charismatic Jewish spiritual leader who comes in the name of The Eternal God, is PRO-Torah, and is generally accepted with extreme delight by many Jews – particularly devout Jews? To strongly and powerfully promote Torah as an essential truth is the most “fundamental opposition” to a “critical aspect” of Christianity that exists. And to be accepted by those “pesky” Jews whom historically antisemitic Christianity views as the physical embodiment of evil will add to the fury felt by many Christians. That is why Christians will see him as someone who personifies evil, which will fulfill a primary flawed characterization they have of “Antichrist”.

Judaism, of course, promotes Torah, but due to the Judaic religion’s tiny number of adherents and their tendency to promote Torah only to Jews (particularly practiced by Orthodox Jews), they present no threat at all to Christianity. In fact, much of Judaism generally opposes Torah being practiced by non-Jews – a fact with which I personally differ and a main reason, along with Judaic elitism, that in my opinion God continues His chastisement of the Jewish people.  There sadly are many within Judaism – and most within Orthodox Judaism – who openly strive against the teaching or observance of Torah by non-Jews and who are at times exceedingly elitist and discriminatory.

A primary “new” teaching of the New Testament is the opening up of Torah to all of mankind, a practice many in Judaism hotly oppose and a significant reason for their continuing opposition to the New Testament styled Judaic faith. May God open their eyes to Messiah Yeshua, open their hearts to non-Jews, and motivate them to spread Torah to ALL of mankind. Thankfully, due to the proliferation of Judaic literature, Torah can be learned by non-Jews regardless of Judaic leaders’ lack of desire to teach it.

In the past at times Judaism’s pro-Torah teachings clashed with Christianity’s anti-Torah position, and when they did Christianity’s despotic leaders incited widespread and tortuous persecutions against them. Judaism learned that to incite the wrath of Christianity is to court death. I honestly do not fault them in the least for their hesitation to openly confront Christianity’s extreme anti-Torah foundations. But as an ex-Christian and a non-Jew I have no hesitation to do so.

Imagine if a future charismatic and widely known leader embraced by many Jews not only promoted Torah powerfully, publicly, and forcefully, but also fearlessly attacked Christianity’s anti-Torah foundations. Without a doubt, Christianity’s leaders would conspire to silence the individual by any means necessary. Among those means would be labeling him as the “Antichrist” and whipping their brainwashed followers into a frenzied state of anger against him. Such a person would be the antithesis of virtually all that Christianity represents and almost certainly would be labeled “Antichrist” by many if not most Christians. They would definitely oppose him, and many would want him dead. Christianity to be bested by a Torah observant Jew? They could not let that stand! Christian opposition would be assured.

The glorious truth, which is a tragically sad truth for deceived Christians, is that the scenario I just described of Messiah’s return is highly probable. He will be pro-Torah. He will be Jewish. He will be a charismatic spiritual leader of profound, unique, and never before witnessed Torah knowledge. He will gather a following among the Jews who will firmly accept him as their promised Messiah and at some point he will probably embark on military conquest of the enemies of Israel to the delight of Jews who will see him as a major factor in the fulfillment of the promise originally made to Abraham our father of the faith. Sadly, he will also be hotly opposed and despised by many Christians. And you can bet that church leaders will stir up hatred for him among their foolish followers.

Christians are being “set up” to reject the Messiah when he returns!

I have had enough. I am sick and tired and enraged with the ungodly religion of Christianity. It must be exposed for what it is, and it will be. On that you can be certain. It may not be in your lifetime. It may not be for many lifetimes. But it will happen. Of that I have no doubt.

It is time. The final restoration has begun. Christianity’s tikkun is moving forward and will be accomplished despite any resistance. Of that, we can be sure, even if it requires Messiah, himself, to finalize the effort.

The end is near and truth will once again be proclaimed as before. Take heed or suffer the consequences when The Eternal One calls the court of judgment into session, at which time it will be too late for change.