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Originally started in 2001. We’re people who can’t stop asking questions, even questions we’re told not to ask and to just accept by faith. Our questions frequently go unanswered, dismissed, or criticized. We’re those who recognize our individual responsibility and capability to discover truth while rebelling against unsanctioned, hypocritical, self-anointed “leaders”. We’re often persecuted and condemned by such leaders and victims of their truth-lacking illegitimate leadership. We went looking for and found answers for ourselves. We’re seekers of Truth, students of history, Torah, and Scripture who have come together under the banners of truth, reason, faith, and logic.

Facilitating Tikkun

This is our purpose. Tikkun is a Hebrew word for “rectification/repair/correcting”. We specifically want to assist in repairing corrupt and broken Christianity with the goal of returning it to its original pure, Torah embracing first-century doctrine. We don’t tell you what to believe – we simply point you in the direction where you can find the answers. We are facilitators, not teachers. We hope to facilitate your personal search for Truth.

Important Announcement

The Torah of Messiah website is undergoing a TOTAL top-to-bottom revision.  It should simplify the process of finding, reading, and (if desired) printing the discussion content.  Multi-part difficult to navigate or print article presentations will be a thing of the past.  The new site will utilize a much more stable development and maintenance friendly website creation software that should reduce incidents of site “breakage” or glitches.  Finally, content that was never transferred to the current site from previous incarnations will be included, current articles will be updated, and new material will be added.  It will be similar in appearance to the current site although perhaps not quite as “flashy” since I intend to eliminate unnecessary items which increase site complexity yet contribute nothing to its objectives.  Overall it should be more informative and useful for those who are sincerely seeking truth as I strive to facilitate that search for all who pursue it.  I hope to unveil the new site soon. Stay tuned!

Tikkun Pronunciation
Tikkun - Small


A Hebrew word meaning “fixing/rectification”.

God did not create us to be mindless robots waiting for someone to tell us what to think and do; and it wasn’t until I found this site – and the completely rational arguments presented – that I realized I could think for myself, seek after my God myself, and stop taking these “mysteries” on faith.


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