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Here at the Torah of Messiah website we strive to perfect our Divine service to the Eternal Creator. Our focus is to facilitate the tikkun (repair or correction) of creation with special emphasis towards correcting Christianity. We also pursue study and proper observance of God’s eternal Torah (instructions). We believe Torah is for ALL mankind and not for simply a tiny fraction of the world’s humans. We reject the elitism and exclusivity of those who differ.

Christianity has wandered FAR from Truth. We hope to help restore it to the original true faith of the first century followers of Yeshua the Messiah – a faith that was Torah-centric and that did NOT worship Yeshua as “God in the flesh”.

Similarly, Judaism as it is practiced today actually began in Yavneh following the destruction of the second temple. The extreme extent of unauthorized (by God) rabbinic authority and the very real sage-worship mentality present within it are errors of that faith. We steadfastly believe that GOD IS IMPARTIAL and that all mankind stands before God as equals, though with different talents and missions. Judaism definitely does not believe in God’s impartiality, and we sincerely believe it was that issue – the impartiality of God – which divided and still divides authentic followers of Yeshua and the rabbinic ideology of Judaism.

We believe Yeshua to have first appeared as Messiah ben Yosef (Messiah son of Joseph, the suffering servant and completed tzaddik) and that he will soon return as Messiah ben David (Messiah son of David, the King of all the earth and Master Torah teacher).

We do not condemn anyone and respect everyone’s sincere attempt to serve God in whatever way they honestly feel is proper even though we may dramatically differ with their beliefs. We believe God works in many ways through many people, and we dare not question God’s Plan or how He chooses to put it into action.

It is our firm belief that the vast majority of Christian “Bible believers” are victims of a severe deception perpetrated by biased contemporary Christian leaders. Those leaders fail to inform Christians of the actual beginnings and early history of Christianity and of the New Testament’s solid pro-Torah stance. Contemporary Christianity actually began in 4th century Rome, not in 1st century Jerusalem. Few contemporary Christians realize how enormously different the original faith practices of the earliest “Christians” were compared to what later and is presently taught within contemporary Christianity.

A primary reason for such deception is the simple fact that most contemporary Christian leaders are themselves unaware, and the fundamental thing of which they are unaware is Torah. This unawareness of Torah among contemporary Christian leaders leaves them absolutely ignorant of basic truths and incapable of properly interpreting what the New Testament actually teaches.

We, too, were once contemporary Christians who followed the teachings of whatever denomination we were involved. After dedicated, prayerful, and lengthy study we came to the inescapable conclusion that Christianity promotes extreme errors due to their distortions and misinformation with regard to the New Testament’s actual teachings.

The foremost misrepresentation and error results in the foundational contemporary Christian anti-Torah position, an error that has far reaching and possibly even eternal ramifications. This error is followed closely by an improper understanding of both God and Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) in which Messiah is presented as “God in the flesh” – an idolatrous teaching that is the most basic departure from both God’s Holy Torah (instructions) and Yeshua’s own belief system. There is a general unawareness of the basic concepts of God among Christians and of what “Messiah” really means, and that lack of understanding contributes to the deplorable “God incarnate” error.

We, therefore, use the Torah of Messiah website to highlight contemporary Christianity’s fundamental errors, as well as Judaism’s, while assisting sincere seekers and victims of Christianity’s deceptions and Judaism’s elitism in their search for the One and Only God and Truth.