Why Many Christians Believe What They Believe

Apr 23, 2015 | General |


For those like myself who pray for all bias to be removed and who approached the Scriptures with the glasses of tradition removed, the realization of the actual relationship between the The Eternal Creator and Yeshua the Messiah was shocking to say the least, as was the recognition of the need for Torah study and observance. Once realized, the truth of the ONE and ONLY God and His greatest servant, Messiah Yeshua, suddenly appeared everywhere in the pages of Scripture, as did the exhortations to continue in Torah.

I realize this sounds outlandish to most of you who are contemporary Christians.  I know exactly what you feel, why you feel it, and would feel no different than you had I not engaged in extensive study to arrive at my current beliefs.

I do not know why only a small percentage of people encounter a time in their life when they feel an unexplainable and intense urge to seek truth while the majority cruise along their entire lives never experiencing it. I did experience it and to this day know not why God placed such a burning desire for a truth exploration and adventure. But He did, and for that I am eternally thankful.

I do not feel I am any better that anyone else. I do not claim to be a prophet or teacher. And for sure I do not know the depth of wisdom in God that institued a Divine decree of motivation for those us who, for whatever reason, feel an intense and urgent prompting and need to find truth without the anchor of bias holding us back.

It really was like finding the “pearl of great price” and realizing the pearl was sitting on my nose the entire time, but I simply never considered looking there.

Even as I type this I know virtually all of you who investigate this site will think I’m a nut and probably feel I am the one deceived. However, I’ve been where most of you are with respect to the contemporary Christian beliefs I am now convinced are false. Have you been where I now am?

I grew up a traditional Christian and became very zealous for my beliefs. It was only when I prayerfully persevered in my determined attempts at unbiased study that The Living God rewarded me with some astonishing truth and tore me from the embrace of the great harlot (Rev. 17:5).

Once the Christian colored tradition-glasses are gone it is like stepping from a dimly lit tunnel into a day of brilliant sunshine. At first it is somewhat dazzling and disorienting, but once the original shock fades the errors of Christianity and actual Truths of God are seen with unprecedented clarity.

The entire Bible becomes far more consistent and the need for dispensationalism, systematic theology, Catholic catechisms and all the other grandiose inventions of Christianity evaporates. The Word of God becomes a smooth running stream void of rocks, debris, or other obstacles that disrupt the flow. The plan of God becomes much easier to comprehend and suddenly false teachings are exposed everywhere throughout the Constantinian Christian faith because the light of truth reveals what was before hidden in the shadows and filtered out by those Christian tradition-glasses.

The Bible is literally filled with passages – even the New Testament as you will see – that make it absolutely clear as “the nose on your face” that Yeshua is most certainly not God and that sincere effort to study and exert oneself to obey Torah is required as proof of your faith – a study for the purpose of pleasing God and not for the purpose of receiving reward.

It is impossible to explain how far reaching these two false doctrines are until you experience it yourself. The teaching that Yeshua (Jesus) is God may be the “mother of all errors” within Christianity and the primary reason for my zeal to publish this web site. However, the abolishment of Torah study and practice by Christianity is no less destructive and is actually more condemning. Indeed, this error is a major cause for the other!

It is difficult to explain to those who have not experienced it, and I realize most may not understand unless it happens to them. I also realize very, very few traditional Christians will ever remove the bias-glasses and thus will never understand. Yeshua sadly prophesies of just such an outcome and openly predicts that false religious systems will have the entire world in their power and scant few will be embracing truth when he returns.

Well, after being freed from the brothel of the great harlot and placed on the path to actual truth, others and myself agonized over how such a clear truth can be so hidden from the typical Christian. It is like suddenly finding yourself surrounded by family and friends in a house that is on fire. (I’ve experienced the terror of a burning home; so, I have a bit of insight into that feeling.) You frantically try to get them to look around to see the house burning but for some mysterious reason they all seem in some sort of wicked spell and refuse to hearken to your pleas. It is as though some powerful drug has them in a drunken stupor. They either just give you patronizing “poor condemned fool” looks, get violently defensive and tell you to go away (or go to hell), or just smile at you with a “you will learn my child” look. Often, they simply do not care!

Of course all the while they virtually never expend any energy or time to study with you without bias and with humility, and it is indeed rare for them to seriously consider the evidence proving them to be in error. No matter what you do they don’t seem to want to see and don’t care that you’re attempting to awaken them to truth because of a loving concern for their souls. Frequently they are just too deeply entrenched in living in the burning house and will not even consider leaving no matter how hot the flames get. The article, Truth on Trial, refers to this very issue.

To this day myself and others haven’t fully understood the reasons why sincere, intelligent, loving people cannot see the obvious. Of course the term “sincere” automatically removes many from the list of those that we are puzzled about. Most who call themselves Christians are not at all sincere and are unrecognizable from the most carnal and hedonistic members of society. These habitually sinful “Christians” are often among the world’s most decadent inhabitants. They openly profane God through their lifestyles and will most assuredly suffer the fury of God’s wrath and purification. Nevertheless, I have reached a few conclusions that I will now share with you.

The number one reason for the blindness is the awesome and evil power of deception. The tremendous clout of the dragon-empowered beast of Daniel and Revelation that utilizes the spiritual harlot as his ally is truly incredible.

The dragon is of course Satan (or the evil inclination), and he has been given great power to test mankind’s spiritual resolve. That is his job decreed by The Eternal One, and he does it very well. Deception is, without doubt, the primary cause. In fact, those of us recognizing this truth have had our faith strengthened by the realization that there truly is a furious spiritual battle going on for our minds, and ultimately our souls.

False religion’s influence is primarily manifested through mind-control – deceptions disguised as truth by utilizing Biblical names and scriptural distortion. Those following the such hideous error do not protect themselves with devoted study of God’s Word and history; thus, they are easy prey for deception’s illusory teachings.

Ignorance of Scripture will doom you, and absorbing what someone else teaches you is not knowledge of Scripture; it is indoctrination.

If you do not care to sincerely search God’s Word for truth what possible obligation do you feel God has for rewarding you? Satan will invent all manner of distractions and false securities (“once saved, always saved” being the most prevalent and despicable) to remove your fear of God and keep you from personally seeking the truth from Scripture. The last thing the spirit of error wants is for you to independently search the Scriptures without his guidance, which is manifested through traditional, bias church leaders and propaganda! The spirit of error is commanded to do its best to deceive you and fails when his power becomes threatened by your freewill choice to find the truth yourself.

My observations convince me that the Bible is true, the spirit of deception (Satan) is real, and we better start taking this stuff seriously. There is simply no logical, human reason why Scriptural truths that are so obvious could be hidden from so many. The intense struggle for our minds in the spiritual realm is unequaled in ferocity. These truths are seen even with a cursory reading of Scripture. As Paul amply warns in Ephesians 6:

Ephesians 6: 11,12 (KJV)
11 Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

WE ARE MOST CERTAINLY AT WAR, AND IF YOU VALUE YOUR ETERNAL DESTINY YOU BETTER WAKE UP AND FIGHT USING THE “SWORD OF THE SPIRIT” – THE WORD OF GOD! Don’t be taken prisoner by the errors of tradition as you venture into the battle clad with the “whole armor of God”.

If you fail to heed the warnings of Scripture and pleas from those like myself, you will have no one but yourself to blame if you receive a sentence from the heavenly court for severe spiritual punishment when the Holy One sits in judgment to decide your fate! What you believe is your responsiblity and no one elses. Blaming others does not erase that responsibility. Others will answer for promoting the error you may practice, but you will answer for practicing it.

The REAL reasons why most Christians are “Christians” and why most actually never truly “Convert”

If you grow up in an Islamic family, what are the odds you will end up a Baptist? If you grow up in a Baptist family, what are the chances you’ll end up a Catholic? If you grow up a Catholic, what are the chances of you becoming a Conservative Jew? If you grow up an Orthodox Jew, what are the chances you’ll end up a Reform Jew? The examples are endless. Why is this? How can we explain how people – specifically in Christianity – end up with drastically different understandings of the exact same book? In my case I grew up in the church of Christ and ended up a Monotheistic Messianic (for lack of a better term), but that is explained by the learning method used to get me here. And believe me, there is a huge difference between what the church of Christ teaches and what I now am convinced is the truth. By the way, I prefer the term “Messianic” because the term “Christian” has become synonymous with “hypocrite” in these days of “cheap grace” and “once saved, always saved” sinfulness.

What we are convinced is the truth is influenced by HOW we learned it. In fact, in religion HOW we learned it generally determines WHAT we learn. Likewise HOW we accepted it determines WHAT we accepted.

Please do not miss this, HOW we develop our religious beliefs largely determines WHAT those beliefs are!

Here’s my point. The religious beliefs of most people were acquired through some sort of conditioning. Most people  were trained to believe certain things and rewards and punishments were used to guide them down the path they have allegedly chosen. Very few people actually converted to or chose their faith based upon a dedicated and lengthy search for truth.  They generally accepted what they were told to accept or lazily allowed themselves to be indoctrinated.  Or in the worst cases, they were forced to accept their beliefs.

This scenario applies to all faiths. Most individuals simply take on their family’s traditions much like the ancient peoples’ adopting of their family’s idols. This is a fact, despite the unwillingness of most people to admit it. Besides family tradition, there are other reasons why people adopt their religious beliefs, and almost all of them have nothing to do with an unbiased reasoning from the Scriptures or research into the actual historic origins of their beliefs.

There are innumerable reasons for why a person becomes a Traditional Christian. To illustrate I’ll randomly select a typical Baptist family as an example; however, virtually any other religion or denomination would do. Here are a just a few of the scenarios that determine why most Traditional Christians are Christians. I know the real story behind the “church scene”, having been associated with Traditional Christianity for over 40 years of my life and continally in touch with it through the error of my family and friends, as well as through the power of a biased “Christian” mindset in the United States in which I live.

1.  By far, the dominant scenario is family tradition. This is overwhelmingly the means by which we are conditioned to accept a certain religious world view.

For instance, your mother and father were Baptists; therefore you are Baptist. All you really ever heard or have any actual in-depth knowledge of is the Baptist world view, and in most cases you actually do not have in-depth knowledge of even that. Any knowledge you may have acquired of other faiths was filtered through the Baptist bias and your parent’s critical view of those other faiths. Rarely did you ever venture outside the Baptist sphere to independently search. Most probably you never did – at least not while laying aside your Baptist presuppositions.

Without you ever realizing it you were being religion-conditioned from birth to be a Baptist and view everything from a Baptist frame of reference.

2.  Social Pressure. I use the term social pressure because it is composed of more than just pressure from your peers. Actually, peer pressure alone is less influential.  The social pressure to which I refer is the powerful influence the social atmosphere of the church can have.

Of course there are the obvious biased interpretations and condemnations of other denominations; thus, you grow up thinking your church is the only one that is truly correct. It is always the other guys that are wrong in their beliefs.

There is a very real pressure – sometimes not so subtle – to fit the mold the church has machined out for you. If you are perceived as a “rebel” you will be ostracized. Also, since you often literally grow up in a particular congregation, if you attend regularly a strong church “family” bond is formed; however, this bond in no way means the doctrines are correct. All it means it that you develop an “extended family” in the church. Once that is done it is almost certain nothing will ever dislodge you even if the devil were proven to be your pastor. That’s why the word “denominationalism” is an apt description of the situation. Like nationalism, denominationalism is usually based completely upon the emotional bond formed with the church family and actual doctrinal truth is irrelevant.

Churches can be a terribly cruel place for those who dare raise questions concerning the doctrinal positions, and if you really want to feel the heat actually attempt to prove to others in the “family” what your studies show if they differ with the church’s party line. With rare exceptions you will not even be allowed to discuss any personal beliefs that contradict the denomination’s creedal positions. You will even find yourself unable to conduct Bible studies beyond the confines of the church because of the gossips and whisperers who will label you as someone promoting “heretical” and dangerous ideas.

3.  Another example is pressure from a loved one to join the church. Those who do this generally were weak in their beliefs anyway or had no beliefs; so, it was really no great change for them to do what satisfies their sweetheart.

The point here is that doctrine is often of absolutely no importance, at least not really. To satisfy a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, or beloved family member you simply decided to “join their church”. You may have studied some, but in most cases you didn’t. Even if you did the pressure to accept what is taught was ever present and psychologically biased your study. Again, truth usually has nothing to do with the decision to become a Christian. It is basically a matter of pleasing the one you love or lust for.

4.  Conditioning through the church’s constant customer service efforts is another primary means by which many choose or remain in a church. The church recognizes it must keep its members happy; therefore, all manner of entertainment is devised along with new “ministries” and programs being added or modified constantly.

This is a topic in and of itself. In short, the church is not stupid and is constantly marketing and creating whatever it takes to keep the people coming. So, the worldly fulfillment one obtains through the assorted customer service “ministries”, “prayer groups”, “retreats”, “holiday programs,” etc. causes one to enjoy their church and, thus, have no real desire to leave. It is enjoyment – a sense of selfish pleasure – that determines one’s choice.

5.  Closely associated with the previous reason is covetousness or carnal reasons. Yes, next to the “family tradition” scenario, THE primary tactic – especially among teens and young adults – used by the the teachers of error to bring you into their deceptive lair is the use of worldly attractions!

I discuss in a separate discussion how “love” is often a justification people claim to belong to various churches.  Although is it not precisely the same as this specific motive, it is still a type of “carnal” reason since it appeals to the basic human need for love.

I’m going to be honest and discuss what is somewhat taboo in Christian circles. The revolting worldliness and carnal sin present in churches today was a major motivation for me to study and ultimately discover the largely false foundations of Traditional Christianity. I couldn’t see how people claiming to adhere to Scripture and follow the Lord could shamelessly practice or condone such unrestrained sin, despite the VERY CLEAR passages of Scripture condemning their lifestyles!

The typical “church” today is becoming an abomination of sinful excess and Scriptural ignorance! Many are social clubs filled with people that often take part in activities and lifestyles no different from what is found in the “world”, but since some attending those churches consider themselves “once saved, always saved”, it is not considered behavior that will lead to spiritual punishment. I don’t think many Christians have a correct understanding of sin, or at least no concept of the ultimate result of sinful living – severe purification through punishment in the afterlife or (in the worst cases) eternal destruction.

Many of today’s churches – ESPECIALLY those preaching “once saved, always saved” – are nothing more than mini-mirrors of the carnal world! Facts are facts, and the fact is many Christians attend their selected churches for purely worldly reasons.

As I said, I’m going to discuss what Christianity hates having exposed. Come on Mr. and Mrs. Christian, admit it. You and I both know that many churches are “meat markets” for those seeking sexual fulfillment, worldly desire, or some other type of social satisfaction. This is one of the reasons “singles groups”, though often set up for sincere reasons, are such big hits in many churches and even specifically promoted to lure others into the church. Sunday schools are often divided along social lines to make it more “fun”. It is no big secret that some of society’s most lustful and covetous people attend churches that openly teach their sexual perversions and greed will not result in eternal damnation. Many of the young women dress to “attract” wearing seductive or downright whorish clothing, which is at the very least immodest.

And, of course, it is a long known bit of trivia among young men that if you want “action” go to a Baptist church or one of the others that allow sin to go unopposed or that preach “eternal security (once saved, always saved)”. Sexual Sin is rampant in many churches, and sometimes the Pastor is a willing, unrepentant participant. Many of the young men and women are going for only one real reason – to seek carnal satisfaction (and they are getting it).

Of course, as always, churches that preach “once saved, always saved” or “eternal security” are often the ones most filled with these carnal, hedonistic, hypocrites that know almost nothing of God’s true teachings. However, the carnal nature of the church has now invaded virtually every denomination, even those that supposedly teach the necessity of obedience and holy living

Whatever happened to going to church to learn Truth? Whatever happened to reverence in worship? Whatever happened to focusing almost exclusively on Scripture and God in church instead of socializing? WHATEVER HAPPENED TO LOVE OF THE ALMIGHTY OR – DARE I SAY – FEAR OF HIM? Today, surprisingly few go for these reasons or show any fear or love for the Almighty.

It is to the few that are sincere in seeking the Truth instead of worldly pleasure that we proclaim our message since the “eternally secure” carnal Christian has no motivation to leave his/her “satisfying” religion.

The bottom line is that most Christians are conditioned in ways similar to Pavlov’s dog to accept traditional Christian teachings without truly and sincerely scrutinizing those teachings or investigating alternatives. Therefore it is fair to say that they NEVER “convert” to anything! In fact, many haven’t the slightest real understanding of what it means to convert! The most basic meaning is to convert FROM WORLDLINESS AND LUST TO HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND SERVICE TO GOD! In general, the typical Christian simply chooses his/her desired flavor from the religious buffet Christianity offers. Usually, their choice has little to do with Scriptural truth, having much more to do with what they desire or their traditions. There is no better example of exactly what Paul was talking about in the following verses than the situation present in today’s “Christian” world.

2 Timothy 4:3,4 (NKJV)
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; 4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

a better translation that is more to the point is:

2 Timothy 4:3,4 (CJB)
3 For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching, but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear. 4 Yes, they will stop listening to the truth, but will turn aside to follow myths.
Indeed, here Paul precisely defines most contemporary Christians of today!

What is the solution? First, stay away from the hedonistic church or ANY church that promotes the gospel of Satan through its “eternal security” lies. If there is any preacher deserving of God’s chastisement, it is he who enables sin by promoting open rebellion and the license to sin implicit in the wicked “once saved, always saved” false doctrine.

Try and insure your Scriptural study is purely based upon the cognitive method, called insight. By this I mean YOU, without the pressure to conform to tradition and completely void of ALL bias carefully study the entire Scriptures from Genesis through Revelations – reading the Tanakh (Older Testament FIRST) – to come to your understanding of what the Word of God actually teaches. YOU, using your God-given ability to reason and think, piece together the puzzle of eternal life while resisting most especially those pressures most liable to distort your attempt at unbiased study – meaning forcefully resisting the conditioning influences that Satan will endlessly try to use to derail your sincere search for truth.

The preferred method suggested by all Christian teachers I have known of starting with the New Testament forces bias and is similar to attempting a trip from Detroit to Seattle with nothing but a map of Seattle as your guide. The Seattle city map is useless at actually getting you there and is only of value once you’ve found your way and know your are on the correct path! Without a thorough reading and basic understanding of the great promises and teachings (Torah) found in the Tanakh it is absolutely impossible for you to correctly understand the Eternal Plan of the One Eternal God. I will discuss this further in the article entitled The Best Way to Study the Bible.