How Christianity Forces Messiah to be God

Apr 25, 2015 | General |

This discussion has not yet been rewritten or presented in the updated multi-part format.  That will occur as God wills to provide me the time and energy to do so.

This article will reveal a little known fact surrounding the Trinity debate.  Traditional Christians and counterfeit Messianics do not realize that there is a foundational false doctrine within most Christian denominations that forces Messiah to be God.  As long as this doctrine is believed, it is impossible for those Christians that accept it to consider the possibility that Yeshua was anything other than God since, according to this false teaching, there is no way Yeshua could have been sinless unless he was God.  According to this false teaching I will be discussing, there is no way Yeshua could possibly be a 100 percent human being and still be our sinless Messiah.

So, what exists within many Christian organizations is a theological requirement for Yeshua to be God regardless of how much Scriptural evidence exists to prove otherwise.  In this relatively short article I will explain this forced requirement of Yeshua’s deity and how this requirement actually involves far more than the Trinity debate.

The false doctrine to which I refer takes its most definitive form as the first of the 5 principles of Calvinism.  In fact, Calvinism is completely founded upon this single fundamentally false teaching and represents a classic case of how error leads to more error, which leads to more and more and more error.  The doctrine is “Total Depravity,” sometimes called “original sin” or “inherited sin.

Actually, the term “original sin” can be confusing and often has a different meaning to other groups that do not accept Calvinism or the concept of Total Depravity (inherited sin).  In order to prevent this confusion, I will refer to it in this article as “hereditary sin” or “inherited sin.

The doctrine of hereditary sin resides at the very heart of the actual resistance many have to the overwhelming evidence in Scripture that clearly shows Yeshua is NOT God and is a primary motivating force behind those that are often the most forceful proponents of the Trinity and Yeshua’s deity.  The deity of Yeshua is a requirement if hereditary sin is true, and since many Christian organizations have hereditary sin as a foundational principle, they are FORCED to protect it (hereditary sin) by promoting Yeshua’s deity.

I will not devote time to disproving the false teaching of hereditary sin.  There are numerous books and articles that already shred it to pieces, and of course there is the Bible.  Total Depravity, or inherited sin, defies all common sense as well as clear Scripture and is the seed from which a totally false religious system – Calvinism – is birthed.  In my opinion, Calvinism defines a completely different religion – including a different God – that is totally foreign to Scripture.  If there is one, single theology I would denote as totally false, it is Calvinism!  Those that promote this teaching and its ultimate, specifically evil teaching (5th of the 5 points of Calvinism) of eternal security or “once saved, always saved,” are among the world’s most tragically deceived, who refuse to relinquish their grip on a theology that gives them a license to sin and removes all fear of the Almighty.  PROMOTERS OF CALVINISM AND “ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED” ENCOURAGE OUTRIGHT REBELLION AGAINST THE CREATOR!.

I should point out at this time that a component – another false doctrine that actually underlies the belief of hereditary sin – is the almost universal belief that it is impossible for any man to perfectly obey God.  Traditional Christians and counterfeit Messianics have been sold the lie that Torah (God’s eternal Law) is impossible to keep.  Of course, this also forces the Messiah to be God since according to this anti-messiah (antichrist) teaching no 100 percent human can live a sinless life of perfect obedience to God.

This sister error to hereditary sin erases the primary personal achievement of Messiah, which was that he – as a MAN – perfectly obeyed God.

The point I want to make is that the underlying reason for the false doctrines of Calvinism, the false teaching of hereditary sin, and frankly, almost all false doctrines of Christianity, is the demonic deception that it is impossible for a human to be a sinless, perfectly obedient servant of God.

Returning to the hereditary sin discussion…

In a nutshell, the doctrine of hereditary sin teaches we are born with INHERITED sin.  It teaches that at birth a baby is despicably wicked and full of sin, which includes the “original sin” in the Garden of Eden!  It makes each of us accountable for the sins of all our ancestors and considers sin a hereditary trait.  If that isn’t bad enough, the most extreme form promoted by Calvinists – TOTAL Depravity – also teaches that we are so completely “depraved” we do not even have the capacity to choose right from wrong!

Do not miss the term “TOTAL” in the doctrine of TOTAL Depravity.  According to Calvinists we are totally, completely, demented and have no capacity whatsoever to do anything good.  The Calvinists “remedy” the problem using their “Unconditional Election,” “Limited Atonement,” “Irresistible Grace,” and “Perseverance of the Saints” teachings, which round out the 5 points of Calvinism – “Total Depravity” being the first of the five.  Each and every one of these foundational teachings of Calvinism is grossly unscriptural and originates from “TOTALLY DEPRAVED” minds!

In short, the doctrine of hereditary sin teaches that at no point in a person’s life is he/she sinless. Even before a human leaves the womb, according to this sickening false teaching, he/she is filled with unrighteousness and sin.

Let me be clear!  I am not talking about being born with the tendency to sin or with a sinful nature.  The Scriptures clearly show humans do have a sinful nature or tendency; however, the doctrine of hereditary sin goes far beyond the concept of a sinful tendency.  It teaches that in addition to a sinful nature or tendency mankind actually is born with the condemnation of sin just as if we had committed the sins (even the sin of Adam and Eve) ourselves!

So, according to Calvinism, an infant is considered “totally depraved” from birth because of its inherited sin!  This grotesque doctrine teaches we are “stained” with literal sin from the moment of conception – or if you prefer – the moment of birth, and are condemned to eternal death from day one!

To the Calvinist and others accepting the lie of hereditary sin, a baby may be “eternally damned” if it dies because it is so wickedly sinful!

The nature of this doctrine is so revolting to the average person that Calvinists rarely reveal this foundational dogma of their theology and many people who attend Calvinistic churches do not even know of it.

One absolutely sure Messianic Scriptural requirement is that Messiah be the “son of David.”  People seem to often forget or ignore that fact as they focus on the “son of God” title.  One way or the other Yeshua HAD TO be a LITERAL descendant of King David. Therefore, even as the “hereditary sin” promoters dream up fanciful mysterious ways for Yeshua to be free from the “stain” of hereditary sin, they cannot avoid the impenetrable barrier to their teaching caused by the sure “seed of David” Messianic requirement.  According to their “hereditary sin” doctrine the sin of David’s “hereditary” sin would also be “hereditary,” (passed down to his ancestors) unless they make an inconsistent exception for King David’s seed.  Therefore, such promoters of error must push the “son of David” requirement aside or ignore it in order to promote their error.  Sadly, lots of folks blindly let them do so.  That single “son of David” issue totally crushes the lie of “hereditary sin,” which is why they prefer to not discuss Messiah’s literal Davidic ancestry.

The follow-on false doctrines infesting Christianity that result from the beliefs that it is impossible to obey God and hereditary sin are numerous.  They are truly seeds of error from which erroneous weeds of false teaching grow.

For example, why do you think infants are baptized in many churches?  It is because of the doctrine of hereditary sin.  According to this doctrine, until they are baptized they are in a state of damnation!  Additionally, why do you think the Catholic church had to invent the unscriptural dogma of the immaculate conception of Mary?  Again, because of hereditary sin.

Because of the doctrine of hereditary sin, another unscriptural Catholic dogma of “Mary the mother of God” has a problem that had to be solved.  Mary is human, and since Catholicism accepts hereditary sin, the Catholic church had to somehow devise a way for Mary to be “sinless” so that her child (Yeshua) wouldn’t be stained with hereditary sin.  It is absolutely essential, according to the doctrine of hereditary sin, that Yeshua be born from a sinless mother; otherwise, he would not be a worthy sinless sacrifice.  To the rescue came one of the many false doctrines of the Catholic church – the doctrine of the immaculate conception of Mary – which teaches Mary was, herself, “immaculately” conceived to be “free from the stain of sin.”  In other words, Yeshua (Jesus) could not be “sinless” unless Mary was “sinless;” therefore, to fix the problem the Catholic Church invented a way – completely unsubstantiated from Scripture – of making Mary sinless.  Of course, the question immediately arises about Mary’s parents.  How could Mary be sinless if her parents bore the stain of sin?  And their parents – and their parents – etc., etc.  The entire set of Catholic Marian dogmas are utterly ridiculous and among the easiest false teachings existing to disprove. They are all bogus unscriptural lies originating from the pagan Roman origins of Catholicism.

It never ceases to amaze me how over one billion Catholics can be so deceived as to belong to an organization whose doctrines are so easy to prove unscriptural.

Catholics are equivalent to fish not realizing they are wet.  They are literally swimming in false teachings yet are completely oblivious to the blatantly unscriptural nature of their Roman Catholic faith.

I sincerely pray Catholics open the Bible some day and read it without their pagan Catholic bias.

Continuing with the discussion of hereditary sin …

The impact of the false doctrine of hereditary sin on the debate of the deity of Yeshua should be obvious.  As stated previously, according to the doctrine of hereditary sin, ANY human being is considered filled with sin regardless of his or her age or righteous lifestyle.  This also means even if that person never personally sinned during their individual life they still would be sinful because of the “hereditary sin” they were born with. Of course, traditional Christianity also teaches it is impossible to obey God perfectly; thus, to them any human would sin at some point anyway.

So, according to the hereditary sin teaching, if Yeshua was a true human and not God, he would be sinful even before he took his first breath in this world.

The doctrine of hereditary sin teaches there is no such thing as a sinless human; therefore, Yeshua the Messiah is forced to be God in order to be sinless even as a newborn child.

There is literally no way those believing or promoting hereditary sin and the impossibility of perfect obedience can ever accept that Yeshua was anything other than “God in the flesh” because to do so requires they rid themselves of their hereditary sin beliefs, and that can’t happen without their entire theology crumbling.  It will also require they eliminate from their minds the demonic belief that no man can live a sinless life.

The doctrine of hereditary sin and the impossible nature of Torah observance are teachings that are hidden in the shadows of the entire Trinity debate, much like the prince of darkness that originated them.  The majority of denominations – not just Calvinists and Catholics – accept the doctrine of hereditary sin even though some of their other doctrines may directly conflict with it, and I don’t know of any denominations that believe a man can be a perfectly obedience servant of God.

Traditional Christians are largely unaware that those they consider to be “champions of the Trinitarian cause” are very often staunch advocates of these two false teachings and thus forced to defend the Trinity or risk the complete collapse of – not just their Trinity beliefs – but their entire systematic theology.  The fact is, the common Christian does not realize there is far more than the “Trinity” at stake for most Trinitarian theologians, and many of those promoting it purposely conceal this from their unknowing followers.

In other words, they openly deceive their followers regarding the true reason for their zeal in defending the “God incarnate” belief.  Calvinists, in particular, can never accept that Yeshua is pure flesh and blood because of their foundational “Total Depravity” dogma.  They would have to trash their entire Calvinistic system of false teachings in order to accept Yeshua’s true 100 percent human nature.  I am not exaggerating.  The fight for the man-God theology among many Christian organizations is actually a fight for continued existence of their organizations, the power they weld, and the money they consume. All their power, influence, and money would disappear if the “God in the flesh” is proven false, a doctrine which floats upon other doctrines such as Total Depravity, which forces them to continue to promote them also.

In summary, many (if not most) contemporary Christians have no choice but to believe Yeshua is God, since their entire faith system FORCES him to be!

It is for this reason Christianity, as a religion, has unnecessarily become largely dependent upon the one issue of the deity of Yeshua.  It is also for this reason I feel that the “God in the flesh” Christ doctrine may be the “mother of all errors” within the religious world.  Remove it, and the spiritual great harlot who hides within a counterfeit religion that has lived for over 1700 years is openly exposed because of all the many other false teachings that will come to light – hereditary sin being one of many.

An excellent analogy is a chain.  If only one link in the chain fails, the entire chain fails.  Such is the situation within Christianity, and such is the reason for the zealous promotion of traditional Christian false teachings.

It’s not a matter of truth within most Christian organizations – it’s more a matter of continued control and power.  Of course, this will never be admitted by Christian leaders.

If Yeshua is not God, most denominations within Christianity “do not have a leg to stand on.”  That fact, not some zeal for “Jesus,” is a major reason for much of the opposition I face as I tirelessly promote the ONE True YHVH Elohim (LORD God), the TRUE Messiah, and the TRUE faith once delivered to the saints.  The merchants of the Beast do not want to loose their positions of authority and opulence that are dependant on their theologies; thus, they are backed into a corner full of errors from which there is no escape without totally abandoning a majority of their false teachings – and often their entire faith system!  Most Traditional Christian denominations are not fighting for “truth” when they oppose the truth.  Instead, they are fighting to prevent their extinction!  Unfortunately for them, their extinction is already assured by the fact Yeshua is on his way and looking to rid the world of deceitful teachers like them and the organizations to which they belong.

Amazingly, many of the teachings within Traditional Christianity are like standing dominos.  If one domino falls, it will take many or even all others with it.  Hereditary sin and the hopelessness of obedience are two such critical dominos, and the leaders of Christianity realize it.  They truly hate those like myself because of the very real threat we pose to their existence – an existence that is fragile since it is largely based upon a handful of foundational and Scripturally weak doctrines.

Hereditary sin is one of those fragile lies on which the the merchants of deception stand and is a primary reason the majority of Christian leaders are forced to promote that Yeshua is God.  They are forced to combat the concept that Yeshua was a pure, 100 percent, flesh and blood man who never sinned and who did not possess the false “hereditary sin” of Traditional Christian ideology.  If they ever admit the truth that he is a 100 percent human they will be forced to admit countless other errors.  They will never admit defeat in this age; thus, the doctrine of the Trinity and all other man-God Messiah teachings will continue until this age ends at Messiah’s return at which time he will put an end to wicked counterfeit religious systems.

What is proven by this entire fiasco is how it is absolutely imperative for one to totally remove all bias before ever opening the Bible to study.  Failure, for example, of one to remove the preconceived notion of hereditary sin from their minds condemns them to the foregone conclusion that Yeshua must be God.  Bias must sincerely be removed.  Unfortunately, only a tiny fraction of Christians are ever able to study without bias.  May the Holy One open hearts and minds to His Truth.