The BIG Deal with Yeshua’s Alleged Deity

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People wonder why I make such an issue out of the “God in the flesh” doctrine of Christianity.  They are puzzled and feel I am sowing discord by attacking what I consider a profound error in Christianity.  They fail to grasp the far reaching influence of the deity doctrine and are unaware of the historic and continual spiritual warfare being waged over this issue.  This warfare is covert in many respects; therefore, they are not aware of the losses that are being incurred in the battle.  Such was not the case in the early centuries.  In fact, the warfare was very overt and bloody as the church forced with lance, sword, laws, and torture its doctrines upon all.  Modern day Christianity has been very successful in concealing the critical aspect of this issue despite the fact that the church’s history of murder and terrorism to solidify this doctrine proves concealment of it was not the choice made in earlier centuries.  Well, the time of modern day concealment is fast approaching an end.

There is an unexplainable and widespread lack of knowledge among Christians regarding the doctrine’s immense implications.  The casual, almost flippant response many seem to have regarding discussion of Messiah’s alleged deity is astounding and betrays a gross lack of understanding of its extreme far reaching effects.  I am perplexed at how Christians appear to view the very definition of “God” as trivial.

Additionally, there appears to be a clear strategy being widely adopted by counterfeit Messianic and Nazarene organizations to ignore this issue.  Many Messianic sites intentionally evade discussion of Messiah’s alleged deity.  Some Messianic sites have removed from their statements of faith any references to the fact that they consider Messiah to be “God in the flesh” – references that previously existed. Others have rephrased their clear mystery Babylon opinion that Messiah is God in such a way as to make their stance on this issue unknowable. This is no accident. They are clearly trying to distance themselves from the fact that they are actually traditional Christian organizations masquerading as “Judaic” or “Hebraic.”

My article discussing whether or not God has ever been literally seen presents a few examples of the typical deceptions some Messianic groups employ.  The fact that many of them are simply traditional Christian organizations masquerading as Hebraic-minded is something they hope people will not discover.  They are running for cover behind other issues and clearly show that they do not feel knowing the True God of Israel that was proclaimed by Moses is of any importance.  In short, they, along with their traditional Christian doctrinal masters, are afraid of the restoration of the original Hebraic based New Testament Truth that is coming.  Some are sitting on the sidelines waiting to see which way the pendulum swings, after which they will then be able to once again clarify their statements of faith to suit what they see as being the most advantageous position.

Obviously, since the majority of my web site is devoted to this issue I feel some explanation is required as to why I see it as so crucial.  At the very least it is the most crucial in Christianity, and as you will see in my explanation it is also crucial to Judaism despite the fact many within Judaism do not see it as such.  The countless false doctrines resulting from this single issue are incredible.  It is an issue that derives its importance from the fact that it directly involves the definitions of the God of all Creation and His chosen Messiah.

My approach will be to first list 5 reasons why I see this as an issue of importance.  I will then elaborate somewhat on each item in the list.  My discussion will be necessarily limited due to the shear volume of data that can actually be referenced.  I will not involve myself in proofs or disproofs of the doctrine since I provide ample proof that Yeshua is not The Most High God elsewhere on this site.  Instead, I will simply place before you clear reasons why you should seriously “study to show thyself approved” with regard to exactly who God is.  My reasons are as follows:

  1. First, I am forced to focus on this issue.  Despite what most Christians believe, the vast majority of Christian and Messianic groups require one to accept that Yeshua is God in order to be “saved;” therefore, according to the creeds and statements of faith of Christianity and its modern Messianic daughter you will be damned to eternal death if you do not accept that Yeshua is God incarnate. So, I am forced to defend myself and others who share my beliefs against Christianity’s unrelenting condemnation of us. Unlike traditional Christianity and Christianized Messianic Judaism, I bring to the surface an issue they hope remains quietly accepted or ignored. I will not stand passively as myself and others are being damned to hell by Christianity’s teachings.
  2. Secondly, Yeshua the Messiah himself declares this to be the “foremost” doctrine of Scripture. I will elaborate later in this article.
  3. Thirdly, the alleged deity of Yeshua Messiah is the number one reason why Jews have historically rejected the “Christ” of Christianity.  There are of course other issues; however, they all revolve around the “replacement Christ” (antichrist) doctrines on which traditional Christianity and counterfeit Messianic Judaism are based.  The foundation of those antichrist doctrines is the Trinity or deity of Messiah.
  4. Fourthly, this issue, perhaps more than any other, reveals a plague of gross Biblical ignorance among Christians.  There is no single doctrine that so brightly illuminates the level of Biblical ignorance, blind acceptance of tradition, and deception that infest the Christian world.  It is depressing to see such blind-faith acceptance since I fear it may result in an unpleasant surprise for most Christians when the Heavenly court is called into session to decide their eternal fate.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, I must speak Truth or risk denying the One True God and His Messiah.

How I am Forced by Traditional Christian and Messianic leaders to focus on the deity issue

Traditional Christianity demands that the belief that Christ is God be embraced in order to be saved.  The same demand is present in Christianity based Messianic Judaism.  You may already be aware that the belief Yeshua (Jesus) is “God in the flesh” is required for salvation within Christianity.  Well, you are not necessarily in the majority. Many Christians are not even aware that their church requires acceptance of Messiah as God incarnate.

Many Christians and counterfeit Messianics believe that in order for Yeshua to be Messiah he must be “God in the flesh.”  They think that proof of Yeshua being Messiah and a requirement for him to be Messiah is that he be “God in the flesh.”  This is a completely incorrect assumption.  There is absolutely no Biblical requirement for Messiah to be God.  NONE!  Those who teach otherwise are wrong and promoting a “replacement Christ” (antichrist).  I am amazed at the level of ignorance present among the Christian laity regarding this doctrine.  The reason for this chronic lack of understanding is twofold:

  1. A plague of poor or nonexistent study habits among Christians – especially study of the Tanakh (Old Testament),
  2. The fact that the issue is not discussed very often unless leaders are forced to do so, and they are now increasingly being forced to as numbers of those like myself increase to a point where we can no longer be ignored or passively censored.

Evidence for the confusion over what “Messiah” actually means or what requirements “Messiah” must meet is illustrated by the fact some Christians and Messianics believe Messiah must be God in the flesh while, at the same time, not believing a person must necessarily accept that he is God.  This contradiction is proof of the ignorance of “Messiah” that exist within Christianity.  It is one of numerous clear contradictions within Christian doctrines that go unnoticed and ignored by the vast majority of Christians. The level of ignorance of the meaning and determining factors for “Messiah” among Christians is utterly astounding.

I grew up in the church of Christ and cannot remember a single sermon in which the issue of Christ being “God in the flesh” was discussed.  No doubt it was discussed, and I simply do not recall the sermons.  However, the common response I get when I ask others from various denominations about the alleged deity of Messiah proves to me few have clear insight into its importance. In fact, most Christians openly state they never really thought much about it. A significant percentage even admit to not believing Yeshua is God despite the fact the organization with which they worship very much considers acceptance of Messiah’s deity to be a requirement for salvation. If they were to openly claim to believe otherwise they would either be asked to keep silent or be excommunicated from their church.

Despite the lack of knowledge regarding the requirement within Christianity that one accept Yeshua as God, the requirement is nonetheless firmly entrenched.  If you doubt this, I suggest you reference the many church creeds or statements of faith that can be easily found on the Internet. Furthermore, I suggest you do a simple search for Christian web sites that discuss false doctrines, cults, Christian essentials, etc.  You will find that often organizations that do not accept Yeshua’s deity are labeled “cults” due to this single issue.  You will definitely discover, possibly to your surprise, that Christianity does require the belief in a “God incarnate” Messiah.

So, consider my position.  I am facing an entrenched doctrine that openly condemns those who believe as I to eternal death!  I and others like me are “damned to hell” for our firm conviction that Yeshua is not God but is Messiah, and that Yeshua worships the same God we should.   So, since it is undeniably true that Christianity does make this a redemptive issue, I am forced to defend my beliefs and, in the process, present the actual truth.  In fact, I would be denying truth – or more importantly – denying God and Messiah if I did not present opposition to the age-old lie of a false religion that seeks to “change times and laws” and to deceive mankind into worshiping a God other than the true Eternal Creator.

This is The Foremost of All Doctrines and, therefore, Should be a Primary Topic of Discussion

There are untold numbers of references in Hebraic literature which discuss the all-important doctrine of the unity (vs. Triunity, duality, or Trinity) of God.  The Shema (Deut. 6:4) represents the foremost passage in all of Hebraic thought, and guess what?  Yeshua the Messiah taught it to also be the foremost (greatest) of all commandments (Mark 12:28-31 and Matthew 22:36-40)!  The Soncino Press Torah Commentary, The Pentateuch and Haftorahs by J. H. Hertz. makes the following statement in a discussion starting on page 920 of that outstanding publication:

‘Hear, O Israel, the LORD is our God, the LORD is One.’  These words enshrine Judaism’s greatest contribution to the religious thought of mankind.  They constitute the primal confession of Faith in the religion of the Synagogue, declaring that the Holy God worshiped and proclaimed by Israel is One; and that He alone is God, Who was, is, and ever will be.  That opening sentence of the Shema rightly occupies the central place in Jewish religious thought; for every other Jewish belief turns upon it : all goes back to it; all flows from it. ….”

For those Christians who may say, “So?  I’m a Christian, not a Jew, and I don’t care what is ‘Judaism’s greatest contribution to the religious thought of mankind … ‘”, I should remind you that the one you call Jesus Christ (who happens to be a Jew) clearly declares the shema to be the foremost, greatest, most important of all teachings of God.  Therefore, if you really “follow Christ” then I suggest you begin to take note of this most important of all teachings. It is time for the true followers of the true Messiah who worship the One and only true Eternal Creator to prove their faith by their works – to prove that they stand with the anointed One (Messiah) of God in declaring the Shema to be the central, foremost, greatest teaching of Scripture!

To the many who ask me why I choose to “stir up trouble” or “offend” by forcefully opposing the anti-Messiah of Christianity and counterfeit Messianism, I respond that I am simply promoting what Messiah said I should promote.  I am emphasizing what Messiah emphasized!  If anyone has a problem with the effort I put forth on this issue then their argument is with the Messiah (Christ) who defined it as being the most important of all issues!

It seems that the promotion of truth has become feared even by those who know it in these times of ear tickling!

2 Timothy 4:3,4 (NASB)
3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires; 4 and will turn away their ears from the truth, and will turn aside to myths.

One of the final commands Messiah gave to his original followers as he was about to depart from them was to go out and teach all that he had commanded them, making disciples (students) of others.  Doesn’t it seem a bit strange that the very teaching he states is the foremost of all is hardly ever discussed in Traditional Christian organizations?  It certainly is strange to me and causes me to question the real desire of those claiming to follow Messiah to actually do as he commands if such teaching brings persecution, which it does bring from the historically brutal and intolerant “church.”

Why The Deity Issue is THE Primary Obstacle Standing Between the Messiah of Israel and the Jewish Brethren of Messiah

In 1263 there was a debate between Nachmonides (Rabbi Moses ben Nachman – the Ramban), the greatest Torah scholar of the 13th century, and church officials.  Of course, as with most “debates” between the church and Rabbis during that time, the outcome was a foregone conclusion.  If the Rabbi proved too powerful in Scripture and made the church leaders look like fools he and his associates were either killed, exiled, or in some other manner made to feel less than appreciated. In that debate Nachmonides stated that the primary objection to “Jesus” concerned the deity issue.  This exemplifies a common and tragic barrier that historically stands between the Jewish people and Yeshua, their Messiah.

If you study Judaic literature you will find the deity issue constantly surfaces as the primary reason Jews – even to this day – cannot possibly take the “Christ” of Christianity seriously.  It is also why many knowledgeable Jews today cannot take the false Messiah of counterfeit Messianic Judaism seriously.  This is why many counterfeit Messianic leaders must hit the “ejection button” of a distorted Kabbalah interpretation which deviates from legitimate Kabbalah in order to alleged “prove” Yeshua’s deity in their efforts to convert Jews to their false Messianic faith.  They, like the church, know the Holy Scriptures do not provide adequate proof.  In fact, the Scriptures provide no proof at all to support the “God in the flesh” Messiah doctrine if they are read from the Hebraic perspective and without biased interpretation.  The “proof” offered by Christianity or counterfeit Messianic Judaism always ends up based upon unsubstantiated “mystery” and “mysticism.”  Mystery, not common sense Scriptural interpretation, is the foundation of the Trinity and other doctrines that promote the false concept of a “God in the flesh” Messiah.

I admit that another reason for Jewish rejection of Messiah is the false teaching of Christianity that promotes the idea Messiah did away with the need for God’s Eternal teachings (Torah).  In this area I applaud even counterfeit Messianic Judaism, since it properly proves such is not the case.  I will not delve into this issue except to say that I do realize the deity issue is not the only reason for rejection of Yeshua by the Jews.  However, I still find in my study that it is a primary reason.  There are other peripheral issues; however, the false teachings surrounding the alleged deity of Christ and the Christian opposition to Torah rank far and away as the major obstacles preventing Jewish acceptance of Yeshua.  I wholeheartedly support them in their rejection of the false “Christ” of Christianity and am constantly trying to promote the true Messiah introduced in the New Testament writings.  I am firmly convinced that once the true Yeshua Messiah begins to be presented, many Jews will accept him as not just their Messiah, but as the Messiah of all mankind.

How the Deity issue reveals widespread Scriptural ignorance among Christians

I have now had the Torah of Messiah web site active for well over ten years.  Prior to that I would often discuss the deity issue with others.  I have also sent emails to Christian friends to solicit discussion.  What I discovered was very disheartening.  With only a few notable exceptions all I get in the way of discussion is silence.

Within my own family the situation is typical.  I have 3 sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, etc.  Before finally giving up, I asked them directly via phone or in person, sent them emails, articles, etc. wishing for them to discuss this.  My nephew-in-law is a Baptist minister; however, not even he bothered to respond.  My family is composed of either Baptist or church of Christ members.  My younger sister politely responded a couple of times and in each case did not appear interested in studying.  All she did was partially and briefly state her church of Christ position. A beloved niece and her loving husband indicated some mild interest for a time. I would spend much time talking to them, recommending material to study, etc., but eventually I realized they probably really had no interest in serious study if that study threatened their bond to their church family. I think that they showed interest merely as a means to show love to me. I appreciated that and love them dearly, but was saddened by their lack of determination to seek truth.

As I said, my family is typical.  I have had friends at work express interest in having me participate in Bible studies with them, but that was before they saw my web site. Once I warned them of where I stand, which I felt obligated to do, their invitations to Bible study suddenly disappeared and I realized they shunned me at work.  What does that suggest about how sincere they were in wanting to study?  Were they truly wanting to study, or were they actually wanting to socialize and seek to confirm their bias?  The answer is fairly obvious.

This happened numerous times and represents a common reaction.  I once worked with a minister of a local evangelical church, and he has also avoided the issue.  In fact, he avoided me completely, would not even engage in polite conversation, and clearly considered me an enemy.  Whenever I saw him in the hall he either diverted his eyes from me or gave me a cold stare.  The basic reaction of most traditional Christians is to shun those like me, and almost never do I see a desire to further investigate from Scripture.  They also rarely seem interested in undertaking the task of “correcting” my “heretical” beliefs.  In the rare cases where they may wish to discuss the deity issue, I always suggest that they first view my web site to understand my position before I will participate in discussion.  I actually do this to benefit them because I don’t want them to be unprepared for what I will bring up in a study of Scripture.  Apparently, when they do this they realize I have already addressed and refuted most of their arguments.  Realizing this, they generally retract the invitation to study and avoid the discussion they may have originally sought.  Those like myself who possess an arsenal of Scriptures and common sense arguments to refute the mystery Babylon, pagan man-god teachings that Christians and counterfeit Messianics embrace are usually avoided like an anthrax package and judged as “eternally lost” without even being given the chance to provide evidence for our firmly held convictions.

Christians hate to come across those like myself who actually do “study to show thyself approved.”  The elitist “know it all” salvation attitude of many Christians makes them extremely uncomfortable around those who cause them to realize they are actually ignorant of Scripture and clinging to nonsensical beliefs.  Instead of humbling themselves, acknowledging their ignorance, and seeking to acquire deeper knowledge, Christians all to often run from those who cause them to have to face their lack of Scriptural understanding.  Instead of facing the problem, they avoid it.  Christians are in a state of denial regarding the fact they generally are horribly ignorant of the bulk of Scriptural truth, ignorant of history, and enslaved to tradition.

What does this prove?  There are only three possible reasons why a supposedly sincere Christian or Messianic would avoid discussion of this topic.

  1. They realize they cannot defend their beliefs adequately,
  2. They do not see the issue as important enough to “waste time” with it, or
  3. They do not care enough to “save” me from the eternal damnation they feel is promised to those who do not believe “Jesus” is “God in the flesh.” So, in short, they have no love in their hearts for the “lost.”

If they felt they could defend their position from Scripture why don’t they?  Why instead do they intentionally distance themselves from those of us who can provide Scriptural proof for our beliefs?  They particularly dislike how I expose the way they take “hints” and present them as “facts”.  They also wish to avoid how I point out their standard practice of ignoring what is NOT said as they jump to conclusions using their “hints.”  If Scripture proves their teachings they certainly do not know of the evidence, because if they did I would be presented with it.  I have a particular revulsion towards those John describes in Revelations as “those that say they are Jews but are not” – leaders of counterfeit Messianic Judaism – because they seek to convince people of the grotesque lie that the Trinity is Hebraic.  It is NOT Hebraic at all, but instead is an attempt by them to introduce other gods that the true Hebraic faith has no evidence of!

I am not the only person who has experienced these typical reactions from Christians and Messianics or their leaders.  All those I know who share my belief have had similar experiences.  What is proven by this is that the majority of Christians – even Christian ministers – have no real Biblical basis for their belief in the Trinity.  Their belief is usually entirely based upon church tradition and unexplainable “mystery” – a tradition founded upon their emotional attachment to the church instead of Scriptural evidence.  They sometimes provide what they consider to be Scriptural proofs; however, in every single case their “proofs” are actually “hints” or “clues” that have been expanded upon, taken out of context (a favorite tactic they use), or are based on poor renderings from the original Hebrew or Greek texts.  Eventually, they are forced to resort to the ejection button of “mystery” or “mysticism” to support their Trinity beliefs.  Again, this proves they do not have adequate Scriptural support or, at the very least, are ignorant of the Scripture they claim provides such support.  It also shows that their arguments lack common sense.

By focusing on the issue I apply a good pressure.  I apply pressure for those I come in contact with to learn Scripture.  Even if we end up disagreeing, I feel I would have accomplished a good work if the communications heightened one’s knowledge of God’s Holy Word.

I Must Speak Truth or Risk Denying the TRUE God and TRUE Messiah

The final reason I feel driven to forcefully oppose the false Trinity and incorrect religious teachings of Christianity and her modern counterfeit Messianic daughter is that to do less would be to surrender to Satan.  Furthermore, I would be openly discarding The Eternal One’s and His Chosen One’s direct commandments if I kept my belief to myself.  In short, I would be denying the TRUE God and TRUE Messiah if I did not promote truth in the face of serious traditional, widespread deception.

I ask, what is more important than God?  What doctrine, of all doctrines, can possibly be considered of more crucial importance than knowing who God is and who He is not?  How can anyone with any sense of Scriptural knowledge possibly argue that it doesn’t matter what a person believes regarding definition of the TRUE God?  Why is it deemed irrelevant to many people for God to be misrepresented?  Why also, is it deemed irrelevant for Messiah to be misrepresented by those promoting what amounts to a counterfeit Messiah (the antichrist)?

So, in order to properly serve my Eternal Father and the one He chose as Messiah, I am obligated to oppose error and advocate truth.


I hope you now see why the debate over the deity of Messiah is an issue of enormous, possibly unparalleled importance.  I could have listed other reasons why this is so; however, I do not feel it should be necessary.  If the reasons shown above are not enough to convince you of the need to study this issue; then, I feel nothing will convince you.

My hope is you are convinced, and whether you agree with me or not that you will at least decide to start sincerely pouring through a lifelong study of The Living God’s eternal teachings.  If I can contribute to your doing that, I will have accomplished the primary objective of my personal ministry.

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