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Time For Christianity’s Correction!

IT IS TIME! … for the final restoration (Acts 3:21) to begin. Time for Christianity’s correction – to restore it to its original first century purity before Rome corrupted it.  Time to leave Rome and return to Jerusalem!

Truth on Trial

When a jury decides the outcome in a murder trial, what do you want them to use to arrive at a decision? What if you were on trial? The facts show that you are not guilty. Falsely accused. Would you like the jury to decide on facts, or feelings? What if, instead of facts, they “got a feeling” that you are guilty?

Does Christianity Truly Follow Christ?

(Audio included) It should.  We assume Christianity aligns itself with Messiah’s faith, right?  The facts will surprise you.  Let’s compare Christ’s teachings and example to Christianity.  This series is one every christian should read.

Worship of Messiah as God is the Worship of “Other gods”

(Audio included) What is THE best way to define what is, or is not, the correct concept of the True God?  Answer: It must be the same concept of God as defined by Israel during the times of Moses.  Is that Christianity’s “God”?

The Temptation of Yeshua Proves he is NOT God

(Audio included) God cannot be tempted. What does that suggest about Messiah’s alleged deity?  Messiah was also asked by Satan to worship him.  Christian and counterfeit Messianic leaders are wishing us to believe that Satan would ask God to worship him!

What Scriptures did Yeshua (Jesus) Study?

Doesn’t it make sense that Christians should focus study upon the exact same thing Messiah studied?  Do they?  Doesn’t it make sense that Christians should define Scripture exactly as Messiah and all his original followers defined it?  Do they?

The Lack of  Discussion about Christ’s Deity Disproves It

(Audio included) The absence of New Testament focus upon Messiah’s Deity proves it to be false. Something not said when it’s expected to be mentioned proves that something to be a non-issue.

Yeshua Messiah died, thus proving he is NOT God

(Audio included) Christianity and counterfeit Messianism teach, as a required belief, that Messiah is “God”.  Yeshua the Messiah died.  God cannot die!  Therefore, Messiah is NOT God.  Simple common sense.

Facts from Acts that Prove Messiah is NOT God

(Audio included) Acts may be THE pivotal New Testament book that clearly presents the faith examples of Messiah’s (Christ’s) original followers.  Christian and Messianic leaders do not present it as such because it proves Messiah is NOT God.

False Alleged Manifestations of God or a Preexistent Christ

Most Christians and counterfeit Messianics are taught, and sadly believe, that “God” literally appeared at times and that Messiah (Christ) appear in a preexistent form prior to his birth.  This study reveals the truth and proves them wrong.

Yeshua: God’s empowered AGENT, but he is not God

(Audio included) “If Messiah is not God how was he able to forgive sins? Only God can forgive sins.” Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) is NOT God-incarnate, but he IS God’s fully empowered agent.  That gives him enormous power and authority.

Was Messiah Perfect or Perfected?

(Audio included) Was Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) perfect?  Or, was he perfected?  God is already perfect.  The New Testament clearly states that Yeshua was not perfect, but had to become perfect.  Does an infinite, perfect Creator God need to be “perfected”?

Elohim & Echad: False “proofs” of Messiah’s Deity

Christians and counterfeit Messianics argue that these Hebrew words prove Messiah is God. This weak and illiterate “proof” was long ago debunked. Unfortunately, desperate, and idolatrous arguments persist.

How Christianity FORCES Yeshua to be God

Christians do not realize that a doctrine within many Christian and counterfeit Messianic groups forces Messiah to be God. If this false doctrine is accepted, it is impossible for Yeshua to be anything other than God.

Worship of Messiah is NOT Worship of God

Sadly, most people within contemporary Christianity and counterfeit Messianism automatically assume that when Messiah is worshiped that it proves he is God. They believe it because their leaders teach it. They are easily proven wrong.

What We Learn From Yeshua (Jesus) Casting Out Demons

(Audio included) It’s not always how you act, but how you react that counts. We can find out if Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) is “God in the flesh” by analyzing the demons’ reactions to him.

What is the Actual Mark of the Beast?

An entire mini-theology has been built upon the ambiguous “mark of the Beast”. Simple solution: Define the mark of God, and the “mark of the Beast” is obvious. God’s mark is clearly defined and concealed by Christian leaders. Are Christians accepting the “mark”?

Who or What is the REAL Antichrist? & Messiah’s warning

Who or what is “antichrist”? I show that Messiah (Christ), himself, gives strong hints towards an answer; then, later within the New Testament a clear answer is provided. Are Christians being led astray and right into the clutches of the actual “antichrist”? YES!

Disproving the Alleged Preexistence of Yeshua (Jesus)

As with many other issues, contemporary Christianity’s ignorance of Torah and counterfeit Messianism’s misrepresentation of it lead people into error. Among the more obvious of those errors is the incorrect understanding of Messiah’s preexistence.

Does Messiah Yeshua Being our “Savior” Mean he is God?

Like our discussion of Psalms 110:1, the God-in-the-flesh crowd like to look to the implicit proof that because God and Yeshua (Jesus) are both referred to as ‘Savior’ that they must then be one and the same. But if we look at this logically, that argument does not make sense.

Vicarious Atonement: Origins and Correct Understanding

(Audio included) Those who argue against the New Testament from a Judaic position claim that vicarious atonement is unbiblical. Most Christians, however, would incorrectly define ‘atonement’. This discussion reconciles the two positions.

When you assume …

Contemporary Christians do not realize that assumption or implication is the basis of all “God in the flesh” Christ arguments. Let’s compare “proof by assumption” versus “necessary inference” to see which is more viable.

Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) worshiped God.  Proving he is NOT God

Common sense: God does not worship a God. The gospels record Yeshua worshiping and praying to God. Are Christian and counterfeit Messianic leaders wishing us to believe that God worships God?  Yes!

Yeshua’s (Jesus’) miracles actually prove he is NOT God.

Contrary to what most contemporary Christians and counterfeit Messianics think, the miracles performed by Yeshua (Jesus) actually provide proof that he is NOT God. Disagree? Then dare to read on …

Under the Microscope: John 8:58

John 8:58 is often used to alleged prove the deity of Messiah (Christ). All it proves is how yet another New Testament passage is torn from its Hebraic context and twisted to conform to the pagan Roman origins of the “God in the flesh” idol.

1 Timothy 3:16:  Disproving another “proof” of Messiah’s Deity

Here we show that, once again, another passage that allegedly “proves” Messiah (Christ) is “God in the flesh” actually does NOT.All it does is prove again how biased church scribes and translators corrupt the New Testament.

Under the Microscope:  Colossians 1:15-20

These verses are commonly used to allegedly “prove” Messiah’s deity. We show such claims to be incorrect and more evidence of Christianity’s biased translation of Greek NT manuscripts and errors caused by Torah ignorance.

Distinction: Proof Messiah is NOT God

The fact that the New Testament shows clear and obvious distinction between God and Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) is proof that the “God in the flesh” belief is false. Come on you man-God believers, please apply a little common sense logic.

What’s the Big Deal with the Deity of Messiah Issue?

Contemporary Christianity and counterfeit Messianism condemn those who reject the deity of Messiah to their mythical “hell”; however, despite the error of such theology, there are other important reasons why this issue needs to be resolved.

More Proof that Yeshua (Jesus) is NOT God

Yet more evidence from an outside source which presents proof that Yeshua the Messiah is more definitely NOT “God in the flesh”.

What Does “son of God” really mean?

Does Christianity knowingly promote the phrase “son of God” wrongly as propaganda? Why do they apply it to only “Christ”? Isn’t it applied differently within the Bible? Why does Christianity rarely mention this and change the meaning of the phrase?

Blasphemy of Messiah is not blasphemy of God

Yeshua the Messiah directly stated that blasphemy against him (son of man) is forgivable, but blasphemy against the Spirit (God’s influx of guidance into His creation) is not forgivable. This is strong proof that Messiah is NOT God.

The Great “I am” Debate

One of the most common and pathetically desperate “proofs” put forth by those who believe Yeshua (jesus) is God is with respect to the phrase “I am”. Unfortunately, even the weakest arguments of “God in the flesh” adherents need to be addressed.

Oral Torah: Proof of its Legitimacy and Necessity

Basic Fact 1: It’s impossible to understand the Bible, including the New Testament, without knowledge of Oral Torah. Basic Fact 2: Christianity and others who reject the concept of “Oral Torah” are hypocrites since they really only reject the “Oral Torah” which differs with theirs.

Rebuking Anti-Paulism and Christian Anti-Torah Foundations

Ignorance plagues the world, particularly ignorance of The Eternal Truth. This ignorance is the cause for Christianity’s severe errors and in these latter days has given birth to a new form of devastating ignorance: Anti-Paulism, an ideology that wrongly rejects the apostle Paul.

Why Most Christians are Actually Christians

Why are most Christians actually Christians?  Did they study? Did they simply adopt their family traditions? Did they marry into it? Is it all a big experiential, charismatic “love in” where they get their social and emotional lusts met? Why?

Key to Understanding Scripture? Torah!

Christianity is in a state of ideological chaos, and it has been since the fourth century CE. The reason: because at that time the actual truths taught and practiced by the original followers of Messiah Yeshua (jesus the christ) were cast aside and replaced by pagan Roman ideology.

Illegitimate Kabbalah: Idolator’s Newest Ejection Button

In this article I appear to express a negative opinion of Kabbalah, but it must be understood that my negative opinion is primarily limited to how it is unfortunately misused to promote idolatry.

Under the Microscope: Psalms 110:1

Lord, or lord? Adon, or Adonay? On the surface, with our English-only bibles, Psalms 110:1 is confusing as though David can’t decide to whom or about whom he is speaking. But, when we dig into the original Hebrew text clarity is established.

Under the Microscope: James 2:12

Many misuse this verse by assuming the “law of liberty” means “liberty FROM the Law” – no Law (Torah). This is a terribly incorrect and unholy assumption. The “law of liberty” is actually the Torah.

Does Love = Truth?

Yes, and no. How many times is this ignorantly stated:“The church I attend is loving. They really care. It is wonderful to be among such a loving church family. It’s all about loving one another. My church does that. I cannot imagine ever worshiping anywhere else.” A study in the experiential “love-in” error …

A Brief Look at the New Testament Canon

Most Christians are not aware of the political and religious debate that occurred to establish the “New Testament” canon. In this short discussion we present a brief history of that canon which wasn’t even established until the late 4th century.

Am I the Salt of the Earth?

Really, the question is twofold: “Am I the salt of the Earth?” And, “Am I the light of the world?” Some folks (even the disciples) find/found Yeshua’s (Jesus’) parables to be a touch confusing, or abstract, but that is only because of their lack of knowledge of the Torah/Tanakh (Older Testament).

“Jesus” is NOT Messiah’s Name

Why does Christianity intentionally use a false name for Messiah? Christian leaders know it’s not his real name. If they will conceal and falsify something as basic as Messiah’s name, what does that suggest about their other teachings?

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