Fundamental Truths

…that we consider universal.

Positional Statement

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We here at Torah of Messiah operate under our belief in the TRUE unity of God, His Divine plan, and His creation.

The ONE and ONLY God; incorporeal, eternal, indivisible, glorious, infinite and incomprehensible in His totality. The impartial giver of …
The eternal teachings given by God through Israel for pursuit and observance to ALL of mankind who together are …
Created by the ONE God individually distinct with varying missions and yet spiritually equal with no single group being superior to any other (God is truly impartial), equally invited as ONE to embrace the ONE GOD. They are led by …
Yeshua… created, chosen, and resurrected by the ONE and ONLY God – his and our God – and perfected through his unparalleled accomplishment of complete devotion to God. Having come as Messiah ben Yosef, the suffering servant, and to return as Messiah ben David, the triumphant king – the fully righteous tzaddik and redeemer of Israel (the one combined people), king of all earth, and unsurpassed master teacher of the ONE God’s eternal Torah.

We embrace and seek fellowship with…
1. all who earnestly seek a relationship with The ONE Creator God, …
2. those injured by elitism and exclusivity – teachings that arrogantly portray a God who views mankind unequally and who intends Torah to be embraced by only an elitist and exclusive limited minority, …
3. and those burdened by idolatrous teachings, Torahless teachings, and manmade traditions.

We boldly and unapologetically promote that GOD IS IMPARTIAL just as the original followers of Yeshua did 2000 years ago.

ONE Torah
ONE People
ONE Messiah
Which together compose ONE Divine Unity of faith.