King of Kings & Lord of Lords – Proof of Yeshua’s Deity?

Apr 25, 2015 | General |

This discussion has not yet been rewritten or presented in the updated multi-part format.  That will occur as God wills to provide me the time and energy to do so.

Trinitarians and others who believe in a man-God Messiah often make use of the phrases “lord of lords” or “king of kings” in reference to Messiah as “proof” he is God.  They say that since these phrases apply to God, then their application to Messiah proves him to be God.  In this brief article I will use common sense reasoning to show that such is NOT the case.  This is yet one more example of the use of “word games”, “hints,” and “clues” that Constantinian Christian and counterfeit Messianic leaders take part in as they desperately seek to “prove” Messiah is “God in the flesh.”

During the reign of King David, it could legitimately be said that he was a “king of kings” since his victories over the kings of those he fought gave him authority over them.  All throughout history there have been many cases of kings ruling over lesser kings.  Those lesser kings were, indeed, kings in their own right; nevertheless, they were subject to the higher authority of the King to which they gave service and tribute.

The meaning of “king of kings” is simply “king with authority over other kings.”  That is all it means!  Likewise for the phrase “lord of lords.”

There are various ranks of “General” in the military.  There can be many two star, three star, or even four star Generals.  The higher the rank, the greater the authority.  A four star General can be legitimately called a “General of Generals” because of his authority over lesser Generals.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) of the U.S. military is the highest ranking military “General of Generals.”  However, the Secretary of Defense, who is an appointed civilian member of the President’s Cabinet, has authority over ALL Generals and can also be called a “General of Generals.”

So, who has authority over the Secretary of Defense?  The answer is simple – the President.  The President is the only person who has authority over the Defense Secretary in matters of Defense.  So the President can be legitimately called the “GENERAL of Generals”; however, the Defense Secretary, who is also a legitimate “General of Generals,” does not have the same authority as the President.  Who has military authority over the President?  (By way of example I am speaking in worldly terms.)  No one!  The President, as Commander and Chief of the U.S. military, is the ultimate “GENERAL of Generals” with authority over all lesser legitimate “General of Generals.”  Obviously, the Secretary of Defense is NOT the President; thus, the “General of Generals” is NOT the “GENERAL of Generals.”  As you can see, the problem is one of terminology.

So how is this applicable to YHWH (God) and Messiah?  I will answer using the following tabular illustration.

Explanation of “lord of lords” and “king of kings” as applied to Yeshua the Messiah

Worldly Command Structure Heavenly Command Structure
The President is the “GENERAL of generals” YHWH (G-d) is THE “LORD of lords” and “KING of kings”
The Secretary of Defense, a civilian appointed by the President, is a “general of generals” over all other LESSER generals. He functions as the President wills and is granted whatever command authority the President wishes to give him. However, this does NOT equate him to the President even though the President may give him total authority to act as the uniquely empowered agent of the President. Yeshua the Messiah, a civilian (human) anointed and appointed by YHWH, is the “lord of lords” and “king of kings” over all other LESSER lords and kings. He functions as YHWH wills and is granted whatever command authority YHWH wishes to give him. However, this does NOT equate him to YHWH even though YHWH can and does grant “all power and authority” to Messiah to act as the uniquely empowered agent of YHWH.
There are many Generals in the U.S. military who may have authority over lesser Generals.  As their superior “General of Generals,” the Defense Secretary may grant whatever authority he wishes, so long as it does not exceed the authority granted him by the President. There are many “kings” and “lords” within the angelic hosts and earthly kingdoms who may have authority over lesser angels, kings, and lords.  As their superior “lord of lords” and “king of kings,” Messiah may grant them whatever authority he wishes, so long as it does not exceed the authority granted him by YHWH.

Yeshua the Messiah is the highest ranking “General” in the Heavenly and earthly command structure; however, he is not God!  He is a “General of Generals”, or in Biblical terms, a “lord of lords” or “king of kings”; however, this in no way makes him “YHWH God” just as the Secretary of Defense is not the President (Supreme Commander in Chief).

Yeshua is a legal personal ambassador with complete, unequalled authority GRANTED him by YHWH.  The “LORD of lords” and “KING of kings” (YHWH) has granted Messiah the authority to be “lord of lords” and “king of kings,” but this does not mean Messiah is equal to the Highest ranking One that anointed him and granted him such power.

Common sense dictates that the One granting authority (YHWH) is of greater authority than the one to whom authority is given (Messiah).  Likewise the grantor of authority (YHWH) and the one to whom it is granted (Yeshua, the grantee) are NOT the same being.  To deny or oppose this obvious fact defies basic common sense, and similar common sense facts exists that conclusively and unambiguously prove MESSIAH IS NOT GOD!

If you wish to see the clearest example in Scripture of this note Joseph’s (a type of Messiah) function as Pharaoh in Genesis 41:38-46.  Joseph was obviously not literally Pharaoh even though he had been granted absolute authority by Pharaoh.  Functioning as Pharaoh (on behalf of Pharaoh) and being Pharaoh are NOT the same thing.  To be given authority BY Pharaoh to execute judgment AS Pharaoh did not change the fact that Joseph was not Pharaoh!  Joseph was still subject to Pharaoh.  SUCH IS THE CASE WITH MESSIAH AND THE LIVING FATHER GOD!  To be given all power and authority by YHWH to function on behalf of YHWH does not change the fact that Messiah is NOT YHWH!  Functioning on behalf of God and being God are NOT the same thing!  Joseph, like Yeshua, was even the same age when he was granted this power (30 yrs old as was Yeshua when He started His ministry of preaching the Kingdom).  Yet note, as shown in Genesis 41:40, Joseph – like Yeshua – was NOT the Absolute authority but was still subject to the Absolute!

First Corinthians 15:24-28 demonstrates how Yeshua is subject to the Father.  There are more verses – tons of them – which prove Yeshua’s subjection to the Father.  I present many of them in my partial New Testament commentary found elsewhere on this web site.  The scriptural armory is full of rebuttals to the Yeshua is God deception.  Unfortunately, bias, fear, pride, tradition, career, ignorance, or even hatred blinds most to clear scripture.  I was blinded for over 30 years, but now it is so clear it would almost be laughable were it not such a tragic false teaching.

The mild confusion is due to the use of the same terminology (“lord of lords” and “king of kings”); however, it is really very easy to understand.  Despite the fact it is easy to understand, the servants of deception do their best to foster confusion so that others will be blinded to the simplicity of the truth.  Deception and the father of Deception thrive in confusion, which is why Constantinian Christian and counterfeit Messianic leaders tirelessly conspire to overly complicate the issue and hide the simple truth behind an “unexplainable mystery.”  Satan is the father of confusion, and his unwitting servants continue the family tradition by making the simple appear complex.  The strategy of concealing the common sense truth behind complex and confusing “mysteries” is the standard tactic of those promoting the anti-Messiah, anti-Torah, mystery-Babylon man-God Messiah concept.

All the facts thus far presented are easily understood irrefutable common sense truths.  So why is this “common sense” understanding discarded by those who promote the man-God Messiah concept?  Because they must discard it.  Those who promote a man-God Messiah MUST discard common sense reasoning in order to promote their anti-Messiah deception.  When common sense is used, the Trinity and all other pagan-derived man-God Messiah concepts are quickly exposed to be the demonic false doctrines that they are.