Illegitimate Kabbalah: The Newest Eject Button for Idolators

Apr 26, 2015 | General |

This discussion has not yet been rewritten or presented in the updated multi-part format.  That will occur as God wills to provide me the time and energy to do so.

Important Disclaimer

In this article I appear to express a negative opinion of Kabbalah, but it must be understood that my negative opinion is primarily limited to the the way Kabbalah is misused by certain individuals and groups.  There are some very useful aspects of Judaic traditions and literature that are Kabbalistic.  Such material should not be viewed as “Scripture” since it is actually only commentary on the Scripture from various individuals.  But it can be an invaluable useful source of information regarding the mind set of the original followers of Yeshua and of Yeshua, himself. It also strongly clarifies and supports teachings found in the New Testament. In fact, the New Testament is, itself, filled with Kabbalistic principles, and if one wishes to condemn or ignore Kabbalah, then to be consistent he or she must do the same with the New Testament.

So, please do not view this article as a comprehensive condemnation of legitimate Kabbalah since I firmly believe authentic Judaic Kabbalah material can be and is greatly beneficial to a person who wishes to deepen their understanding of spiritual things. The negative opinions I share below apply more so to the many New Age distortions of authentic Kabbalah which deviate significantly from actual Kabbalah. I often refer to this deviation as “Christianized Kabbalah.”


Why do I call the distorted Christianized interpretation of Kabbalah an “ejection button?”  Well, as you probably know, whenever a pilot in a military aircraft feels the need to eject from battle, he “punches out” using an ejection device.  He does this only as a last resort when his ability to carry on the battle is gone.  Traditional Christianity has employed its own “ejection button” throughout the ages to eject from Scriptural debate regarding the Trinity or deity of Yeshua.  That ejection button is “mystery.”  Ultimately, all Trinity proofs are based upon the unprovable “mysteries” of the Trinity.

Now, the exact same method of leaving the battle is being honed to perfection among counterfeit, Christianized Messianic leaders.  This new ejection button is Kabbalah mysticism.  They employ this religious device for the same reason Christian leaders have for centuries.  They know the Scriptures do not support their arguments; therefore, the only way for them to “win” is to eject from battle using their distorted mystical teachings and hope that naive believers will swallow their twisted, Scripturally unsubstantiated dribble. Also, since the counterfeit Messianics doing this realize Kabbalah is very complex, they know that very few of their deceived listeners will ever seek to confirm their lies. Sadly, they are correct. The exact same expectation is found within standard Christianity since its leaders also hope that the ludicrous “mysteries” and nonsensical unbiblical theories they put forth as proof of Messiah’s Deity will also not come under scrutiny by their deceived listeners.

Just as the pilot ejects as a last resort when he sees the battle lost, so too Kabbalistic Messianics “eject” from Scriptural debate when they realize they can not prove their case for the deity of Yeshua using the Holy Scriptures. They have effectively adopted Christianity’s standard, centuries-old method of ejection.

What is strange is how by ejecting from the discussion Christians, counterfeit Messianics, and counterfeit Nazarenes (the latest adopted new name for counterfeit Messianics) actually claim victory!  Uhm … Excuse me? Doesn’t the standard understanding of “ejection” imply an admission of defeat?  By definition ejection is an acknowledgment of defeat; yet, those using “mystery” or “Kabbalah mysticism” as their ejection device actually utilize it to claim their victory!  What’s wrong with this picture?  Seems a bit odd – does it not – for those ejecting from battle to claim victory in the battle?

Friend, the definition of ejecting should prove to you how the ejection buttons used by Christians and counterfeit Messianics/Nazarenes proves them to be deceitful and shows them to actually be defeated in the debate over Messiah’s deity.  So, though they claim victory by utilizing the mystery and mysticism ejection buttons, they are actually proving those like us who reject the Trinity and/or deity of Messiah to be victorious and themselves to be simply unwilling to admit their defeat.  They once again show their insincerity and denial of the obvious. In this case the obvious they are in denial of is the proof that they are promoting both a false God and a false Messiah – the anti-Messiah or replacement Messiah.

I feel the use of mysticism, “traditions of men”, and additional “Scripture” besides the Holy Scripture should be very cautiously practiced.  I fear some who flock to Kabbalah feel the pure Word of God has nothing more to teach them.  I do not say that sarcastically.  I truly feel many (but not all) of those promoting Kabbalah within counterfeit Messianic Judaism and their newest revised title – counterfeit Nazarenes – have become bored with study of the Written Scriptures (though they very much need to study more) and have, therefore, taken to more “exciting” studies that will “entice” more people – the study of Mysticism.  I truly feel they now believe there is nothing more for them to learn from study of only the Bible.  I hope I am wrong about this; however, the growing dominance of Kabbalistic mysticism within Messianic circles leads me to this conclusion.

I also want to emphasize that my rebuke of certain sites mentioned in this article, as well as the majority of “Messianic” teachers, is specific to only their misuse of Kabbalah in their promoting of Yeshua as “God”.  I heartily agree with and support their views on many of the other doctrines they promote, especially their partial (they still promote idolatry) embrace of Torah. At times I have used much of the information they present to further my own spiritual growth.  However, unfortunately the deity issue is a very important issue – a “show stopper”; therefore, by promoting their Kabbalistic Trinity many Messianic sites frustrate – or even negate – the efforts of others like myself who are attempting to break down the barrier of false teachings that have prevented physical Israel (the Jews) from embracing their Messiah.  The largest boulder of that barrier is the false teaching that Yeshua is the Eternal Creator God.

Frankly, I endorse the rejection by the Jews of the false man-God promoted through the Traditional Christian Trinity or the Christianized Messianic deformations of the Kabbalistic Ein Sof and am constantly struggling to prove to open minded Jews that such is not the Messiah presented in the New Testament. I openly reject the false Messiah (antichrist) of Christianity and counterfeit Messianic Judaism as I struggle to explain the true Yeshua to Jews, all the while seeing my efforts destroyed by hordes of false Messianics who follow the lead of their Traditional Christian mother as they attempt to get the Jews to accept the same old lie dressed in new “Kabbalah” trappings.

I do believe there is insight to be found in authentic Kabbalistic principles; however, I do not feel that Kabbalah is “God breathed”. I am persuaded that only the Tanakh (“Old” Testament) is pure inspiration from the Most High! Kabbalah – much like the Talmud – is a pile of stones in which you can find precious gems as well as worthless rocks. Within Kabbalah – as with the Talmud and other Judaic literature – there are contrasting opinions. Like the Talmud, sincere opinion is welcome and reflects the openness of its adherents. My point is that just because something is promoted as “Kabbalah” does not mean it actually is “Kabbalah.”

I do consider much of the distorted New Age Christianized version of Kabbalah being promoted today to be mystic vanities, but that has more to do with the vain bias of the promoters of their various “Messianic discoveries” than it does with Kabbalah itself. The Trinity of Christianized Messianics, which is based upon completely unsubstantiated deductions that there is some sort of “proof” of Yeshua’s deity to be found within Kabbalah, is the primary reason for my opposition to these counterfeit Messianics.

Actually, when legitimate Kabbalah is referenced and properly applied it proves Yeshua is not God while also supporting correctly interpreted New Testament teachings! In time, I will be providing a list of what I consider to be legitimate, “kosher” Kabbalah references you may wish to explore. Please remember when you read the many negative statements I make about Kabbalah that I am referring to its misuse and to its being equated to the Scriptures. Also remember the that self anointed “rabbis” of counterfeit Messianism who claim that Kabbalah proves Messiah to be “God in the flesh” are shameless liars! Kabbalah does not teach such a thing.

Here is a brief quote from the Judaism 101 website, an excellent site I have among those I list on the “Links” page. In this brief quote, misuse of Kabbalah by “Christians” (counterfeit, Christianized Messianics) is mentioned as are a few words which hint at how Kabbalah, if improperly used, can be twisted into pure mysticism and even occultism. The desperate, mystic grasp for “proof” of Yeshua’s deity is now undergoing an ominous revival among the Christianity based “Messianics.”

For example, one such source (the Kabbalah Denudata, commonly available in new age bookstores) states that the Ten Sefirot have something to do with the Christian Trinity because they are sometimes divided up into groups of three, despite the fact that the Sefirot are divided up into many groups of varying numbers, that these groupings overlap, that the grouping he refers to is not comprised of a father, son and spirit, but of a male, a female and neutral, and so forth. Others (besides Messianics) have wrenched kabbalistic symbolism out of context for use in tarot card readings and other forms of divination and magic that were never a part of the original Jewish teachings.

It is undeniable that mysticism is found within the more guarded and often forbidden teachings of deeper aspects of Kabbalah. That is why they are often forbidden and until recently were completed off limits. Judaism does not condone open teaching of such things. Throughout the ages only a select few were considered devout enough and sincere enough to be exposed to such teachings, and probably most of the “mystic” Kabbalah seen today is corrupt and does not reflect what legitimate Kabbalah teaches.

Briefly, there are actually three distinct levels of legitimate Kabbalah which I discuss in more detail within the article in which I prove quite directly that the concept of oral Torah is legitimate and a necessary component of Biblical study. That article is available in both written and audio format. The three levels of Kabbalah are:

  1. Theoretical Kabbalah – this form represents the basic fundamentals and has very little mysticism within it. It is relatively easy to grasp and provides useful background information that helps to understand many basic elements of Scripture. I consider it to be very useful.
  2. Meditative Kabbalah – this form delves deeper into mystic elements by focusing on various meditative techniques.
  3. Practical Kabbalah – this is the deepest and most mystical form of Kabbalah and includes what some would roughly equate to “magic” or even “witchcraft”, though it is actually not. It is exceedingly dangerous and in my opinion should be avoided.

The only form I personally consider worthy of study is the most basic form of “Theoretical” Kabbalah. I do not consider it wise to delve into the deeper levels and, frankly, do not see any real benefit from doing so. On the contrary, it is extremely dangerous to venture beyond the fundamentals of Kabbalah that are present within the “Theoretical” form. Only the most profoundly gifted in Torah and the Ways of God should ever consider going beyond the fundamentals, and no Constantinian Christian or counterfeit Messianic fits that description since by promoting and worshiping a false man-God they prove themselves to be ignorant of even the most basic element of Torah. They are fools, and fools should not study Kabbalah.

I ask why anyone would dare base the foundations of their eternal destiny primarily on mysticism? Whereas the teachings of Kabbalah may be useful for further insight, they should not be used as a basis for foundational doctrines. One can easily prove Yeshua is not God without Kabbalah; however, in order for counterfeit Messianics to “prove” Yeshua’s deity they must twist Kabbalah to fit their Traditional Christian, Constantinian, anti-Messiah understanding of Yeshua.

Let me be clear. If you scan the “evidence” presented by Kabbalah addicted Messianics, you will discover virtually all their “proof” of Yeshua’s deity is based upon mystical “evidence” and wildly imaginative theories they make up that are found outside of Scripture. They may present a Bible verse here or there, but the bulk of their evidence is from UNBiblical, Kabbalistic sources with are either illegitimate sources or are distorted and warped to conform to counterfeit Messianic bias. Why should anyone accept, as legitimate evidence of such an important topic, anything other than pure Scripture?

An example of the Christianized use of Kabbalah by a growing number of Messianics is seen in these brief quotes from a noted website prior to the owner of the site converting to Judaism (more on that later):

We believe Moshiakh ben Yoseph has come in the person of Yeshua the Nazarene. Yeshua is the visible image and full spiritual embodiment of the Attributes (Sefirot) of the invisible Eternal (Ein Sof). Yeshua is the ‘Living Torah’ and thus is divine, as the Torah is divine. Moshiakh was with YHVH “in the beginning;” he is the blueprint of creation, all things being created through him. We believe Yeshua came fully in the flesh.

The Moshiakh is a “part” of Elohim. There are many ways of looking at this, but we believe (at least here he implicitly admits it’s THEIR OWN FLAVOR of Kabbalah) that “the Godhead” — Ein Sof – is made up of many parts (sefirot). Among these are the three pillars, Father, Mother/Spirit and in the middle the Son/Messiah. This is the understanding using Kabbalah, where the middle pillar, Son/Moshiakh is the combination of the attributes of the Father and Mother/Spirit, and is the one which reaches down and deals directly with the earth and humanity.

The quote just shown was on a website during a time when the owner of the site accepted a distorted version of Kabbalah. He eventually realized his error; however, sadly he converted to Judaism and seems to have convinced himself Yeshua is not the Messiah. I greatly differ with him on that issue. After discovering his conversion to Judaism I decided to leave the quote in this article because of the standard Kabbalistic misunderstanding that it represents. Therefore, even though the author is no longer a “Messianic,” his previous Kabbalistic distortions are still representative of the false doctrines promoted by others. I will, therefore, continue this article with the inclusion of author’s previous belief, since it is typical of most counterfeit Messianic groups.

For those who may not realize what was just quoted, basically it is the counterfeit Messianic “updated” definition of the Trinity, especially when their “3 pillars” of the “Sefirot” are defined in their unscriptural teachings. However, since there are ten “Sefirot” (emanations) defined in Kabbalah, I suppose we are now on our way through the teachings of many Messianic “rabbis” to having a “deca-god” or a “decaty“. Well, I reject the Trinity (Traditional or twisted by Messianics stretching Kabbalah to fit their bias), and I reject the new Decaty of the Messianic Kabbalists even more! What makes it even worse is that the author quoted states that his beliefs mirror those of the original Netzarims (Nazarenes), which falsely represents that early body of true Messianics.

The fact that Kabbalistic promoters of Yeshua’s deity are forced to go outside Scripture to support their positions should be all the evidence one needs to realize it is a false teaching!

Frankly, I hesitate to waste even a small amount of time on such an outrageous and blatantly desperate attempt by certain “enlightened” individuals to use a distorted, Christianized version of Kabbalah to “prove” Yeshua’s deity. Don’t let Traditional Christian pastors disguised as Messianic “rabbis” who conceal their traditional views with Jewish liturgy fool you with deceptive jargon into thinking their distorted take on Kabbalah is legitimate. It violates authentic Kabbalah and is totally unsubstantiated from Scripture except when the Holy Word is grossly twisted into mystic knots by those promoting this “new and improved” Trinity mystery. Christianized Messianics eject from common sense and reason using their totally unsubstantiated theology to make the ridiculous seem like an acceptable “fact”. I do not doubt the sincerity of most of its adherents, but I very much doubt their wisdom and oppose their efforts to interject such questionable material into the discussion. Kabbalistic Messianics are a prime example of how desperate some can become in their efforts to “prove” Yeshua’s deity. Their absolute refusal to bend to the truth of Scripture has driven them near to spiritual disaster as they lustfully venture into a mystic realm that is fraught with danger.

As suggested earlier, even within Judaism Kabbalah is traditionally considered a topic reserved only for the most learned Torah scholars. Traditionally one must have already attained the status of a Rabbi and reached a minimum age before it would be transmitted. Unfortunately, thanks to Trinity crazed counterfeit Messianic wolves in Judaic sheep’s clothing, it has now “hit the streets” and is being consumed by the truck loads like many other mind altering drugs.

Unfortunately, the implied “elitism” of Kabbalah can be one of its greatest forms of seduction since it gives those who study or promote it a feeling of being “special”. However, I exempt true, learned Judaic Rabbis from this class of arrogant individuals since they generally are very reluctant to teach or even discuss Kabbalah. They also recognize its potential danger, unlike the new wave of self anointed Messianic “rabbis” who seem to be having constant cheap daily sales on Kabbalah. Frankly, even though there is some legitimacy to Kabbalah, those “Messianics” who attempt to use it are playing with fire. They are like first graders learning the basics of addition and subtraction claiming they can teach Calculus or Partial Differential Equations!

The Vanguard of those now using this method have taken allegory, spiritualization, and word games to new heights of incredulousness that often eclipses even the most “mysterious” Trinity arguments which have historically been put forth by Christian theologians. There are web sites you can find that lure you with the appearance of “wisdom” into a maze of spiritual insanity. Also, these Messianic spiritualists definitely make the actual Holy Scriptures subordinate to their distorted, unhebraically applied Kabbalistic beliefs by interpreting Scripture using the concepts they “discover” in their distorted approach to Kabbalah! True Scripture is no longer their ultimate source of truth on the most important issue of the faith – the definition of the Creator God. Their bringing of a biased application of mysticism into such a Biblical discussion – especially regarding such an exalted topic – is profane.

If I appear to have little patience for Kabbalistic anti-Messiah Messianics it is because I don’t. The elitist and hallucinogenic attitude of the new “Christian” or “Messianic” Kabbalists is repulsive. Some seem to be legends in their own minds, having lost all common sense and having elevated themselves literally to New Age “guru” status. I suspect that such people have never really been able to lay aside all bias in their approach to Scripture. If you actually look at the commentary and articles on our site with a truly open mind, I cannot see how it is possible to come away still believing Yeshua is God. The truth is so obvious. It continually amazes me how so many who claim to study the Bible can still accept the many false teachings of the Beast.

Unfortunately, as previously suggested, most “Messianic” groups are little more than traditional evangelical organizations dressed in Judaic garb and promoting a little Torah. Most people do not realize that the majority of Messianics are simply traditional Christians who decided to add Jewish liturgy to their services and who embrace – to varying degrees – Torah. Besides that, they are generally no different than Traditional Christians; therefore, the man-God Messiah doctrines as well as other false teachings are carried over into their Messianic organizations. Many of these groups are composed of people who have a cult-like attraction to “Jewishness” more than to Truth and who claim a sort of Jewishness even though their fundamental beliefs differ little from traditional Christianity. Every time I read in Revelation the verse that mentions “those that say they are Jews but are not,” I think of the standard counterfeit Messianic group. More often than not, their beliefs do not originate from Judaic roots, but instead actually originate from the Christian organizations from which they came. The Pope can parade around with a Torah scroll and wear a tallit, but he is still the Pope! These “Messianic” believers have never left Babylon. They’ve simply changed neighborhoods; one a bit more liturgically “Jewish” but still well within the city!

Sadly, most Messianics stubbornly hold to many of the standard teachings of their mother, Constantinian Christianity, including the deity of Yeshua which continues, as it has for 1700 years, to prevent Jews from ever taking Yeshua seriously. Knowledgeable Jews (unlike these “enlightened” Messianics) are well aware Messiah is not shown in the Tanakh or legitimate Kabbalah as being The Eternal Creator (Ein Sof). Since most Messianic groups refuse to release their grip on the alleged deity of Yeshua, they are flocking to a distorted Kabbalah for “proof” of their beliefs in these false doctrines. The entire “Messianic” world seems to be getting intoxicated on Kabbalah as their theological “drug of choice” in their attempt to prove the unprovable. It has become a theological brush fire out of control with the flames being fueled by various self-exalted Messianic teachers. Christianized Messianics are strengthening the barrier between the Jews and their Messiah!

The primary mode of attack by Messianic Trinitarians against those of us who wish to cleave only to Scripture is to declare us unlearned; so, basically they imply anyone who wishes to derive truth solely from the Holy Scriptures is an idiot! They can’t adequately defend the deity of Yeshua from only Scripture; therefore, trying to have a Scriptures based discussion with them is like talking to a fence post or some drug addict on an LSD trip. They often will not openly admit their strange statements or responses are based on their unique flavor of Kabbalah because they realize many are not drunk on the wine of the mystic Harlot they willingly embrace. When I sense someone I am speaking with accepts Christianized Kabbalistic mysteries, I realize it is time for me to wipe the dust from my feet and spend my time with others that actually allow reason and common sense approaches to Scripture determine their beliefs – something Messianic Kabbalists do not do.

Most of those promoting this mystic argument have sincere knowledge of Hebraic or Judaic things and have recognized that the Tanakh (Hebrew Scriptures or “Old” Testament) and the New Testament do not provide them with enough evidence of Yeshua’s deity. Since, as mentioned previously, they are generally orthodox Christians masquerading as “Judaic” believers, they can’t accept that the Trinity is a false doctrine. Therefore, instead of accepting the Scriptures at face value and modifying their faith to align with it, they (as usual) attempt to force Scripture to align with their faith. Basically, they must “prove” Yeshua is God anyway they can. They think they have found such proofs in Kabbalah. They are wrong.

Kabbalah, when properly applied, proves Yeshua is not God; however, there is no need to even delve into Kabbalah for that proof. I challenge these “enlightened” Messianic opponents of the True Kingdom Message, the True Kingdom Messiah, and the True and Only Yahweh God to prove what they believe from Scripture! Instead of censoring open discussion, hiding behind twisted Mysticism, and intimidating your opponents with fears of “damnation” for even questioning Yeshua’s deity, I challenge them to prove it from the Holy Word. I present many articles which show, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Messiah Yeshua is not God. Since others cannot prove otherwise, they are forced to use mystery and mysticism to eject from a Scriptural debate.