It’s Impossible to Understand the Bible without Hebraic Concepts

Apr 23, 2015 | General |

Biblical Foundations ARE Hebraic Foundations

Christianity is in a state of ideological chaos, and it has been since the fourth century CE.  The reason for the chaos is simple: because at that time the actual truths taught and practiced by the original followers of Messiah Yeshua (jesus the christ) were cast aside and replaced by pagan Roman ideology.  Sadly, very few Christians are even aware of the chaos and error they support, enable, and in which they actively participate.

In the New Testament book of Acts we read of some Jews in a town called Berea.   These Jews are the perfect example of how we are to receive anyone that comes laying claim to knowledge of truth.   In fact, the writer gave them unique praise by calling them a “noble” people.  When Paul came to them proclaiming the gospel of the Kingdom they did something woefully few modern Christians do – they sought to test his words against the Holy Scriptures – the Tanakh.   How many Christians verify what they are taught from the Tanakh (Older Testament)?  We read of them in Acts 17.

Acts 17:11
11These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the Scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

It must be realized that the Scripture these noble people searched was not the New Testament, since it did not exist.

The Scripture was the Tanakh, commonly referred to by the sadly irreverent name of the “Old” Testament.  Thus, the truly noble search the Tanakh daily to see if what is taught them is truth

The Greek word rendered “searched” in this verse is anakrino.  Pick up any reputable Greek lexicon and you will find it means to investigate, to examine closely, to judge, to interrogate, to scrutinize, to sift, to question.  How many Christians do you know who truly interrogate, scrutinize, sift, examine, and question what they hear from their church or adopt as their traditional family religion?  If you are honest you must admit that very few Christians do.  Virtually all Christians take what is fed them from the pulpit without ever searching or investigating to verify if it is truth.  Indeed, it is for this reason we have hundreds of different denominations.

Christians today are easy prey for the great deceiver because they rarely use the primary weapon available to thwart his deceptions – The Bible.  Worse still, as these “unquestioning” believers go forward in their “unscrutinized” direction they often unknowingly join in contributing to and expanding the great deception.  Satan is finding it increasingly simple to achieve his goals as Christians by the millions unwittingly carry out his work for him.

However, there are some who actually do scrutinize what they are taught.  They never take as truth anything that cannot be proven from the entire context of Scripture.  They refuse to stay parked in the roadside rest stop of tradition or charismatic chaos (i.e. “God told me”, “the Lord spoke to me”, “the Holy Spirit is guiding me”, or “my feelings tell me this is right”).  They prefer to continue their journey in the study and search for truth.

It is a sad commentary on today’s Christian world that those who possess the nobility of the Bereans often find themselves opposed or even openly condemned by many over one particular issue that is ridiculously obvious.  My own personal experience, which is shared by others, is that churches today are actually somewhat suspicious and fearful of any within their flock that truly hold to a lifelong, rigorous, unbiased approach to the study of the Word of God.  Those who according to the author of Acts are “more noble” endure slander, patronizing sighs, and even accusations of being a “cult” whenever they find that something being taught within Christianity is clearly wrong.

Well, I wish to expose this one particular error that is so clear even a child can see it since small children hold no bias.  By the way, this unbiased approach is a central meaning to what Yeshua (Jesus) meant when He said one must come to him as a child.  Also, the natural curiosity, eager searching, and examining of a child is implied.

The error to which I refer concerns the incorrect standard approach taken within Christianity to the very study and interpretation of Scripture.  It is a foundational mistake common to almost all denominations.  Its origins can be traced all the way back to the early centuries of the “church” and results from the almost unanimously bitter anti-Torah, anti-Semitic worldview of the early “church fathers” who sometimes openly stated that they wished to erase all remnants of Judaic thought from the “Christian” religion.

This traditional error to which I refer is the failure to approach Scripture from the social, religious, and political context of every Biblical author – a context that is totally Hebraic.  More to the point: it is context that is completely Torah-centric.

There is an almost universal absence of knowledge among Christians of how far their beliefs, their interpretations of Scripture, and their overall mindset differs from the Hebraic, Torah-centric beliefs, interpretations, and mindset of the Biblical authors.  That original mindset, of which Christians are horribly ignorant, was present in Yeshua the Messiah, all his original followers, and the general populace of Israel during the life and times of Messiah in the first century.  Understanding the first century mindset is a critical necessity if Scripture is to be properly understood.

Grasping the actual Hebraic first century context of Scripture is rather easily accomplished.  All it takes is study of any one of a widely available and growing assortment of books, some of which we recommend on our recommended reading page.  Unfortunately, traditional Christians are, frankly, often too lazy to undertake such a study.  It is a constant source of sadness for me to see how utterly deceived the typical Christian is and how unwilling they are to sincerely scrutinize their beliefs to see if they actually equate to Scriptural truth.  As harsh as it may sound, the ultimate reason for this laziness is a general lack of true devotion and love for the Almighty God.

Whenever I mention this issue to Christians, instead of displaying a hungry desire for truth, they almost always display a complete lack of interest.  In many cases they display hostility towards those who dare suggest that their understanding of Scripture is based upon a fundamentally incorrect foundational mindset that differs in drastic ways from the mindset of the first century believers.

Let me be clear about this.  I am not saying that a person needs to step outside Scripture for truth.  I am also not saying the Bible is faulty.  In fact, it is traditional Christianity that has stepped far outside of Scripture by interpreting it from a context completely foreign to the Biblical authors.

The Hebraic/Judaic mindset is very different than the Constantinian, Roman, Greek philosophical, mystery Babylon based mindset on which traditional Christian theology is built and that Christianity uses as the basis of is interpretations of Scripture – FAR DIFFERENT.

By infecting and polluting the Hebrew Scriptures with anti-Hebraic, anti-Torah interpretations, truth has been grossly distorted and the faith of the original followers of Yeshua (falsely named “Jesus”) has been hidden from the typical Christian!  And yes – I will include in the “Hebrew Scriptures” the New Testament, since its authors were thoroughly Hebraic.

I will present basic facts to prove that the study and application of the Hebraic foundations (roots) of Biblical truth is the only proper way to study Scripture.

Hebraic = Biblical

Torah = Biblical

Antisemitic = Non-Biblical

Ultra-Semitic (extreme opposite of antisemitic) = Non-Biblical

anti-Torah = Non-Biblical

Truth = Biblical = Hebraic = Torah!

If a person studies or interprets the Bible outside the context of Hebraic, Torah truths he or she will never arrive at a proper understanding of Scripture.  NEVER!

Very few Christians realize the immense importance of approaching Scripture from the proper Torah focused HEBRAIC perspective.  They assume just because their particular flavor of church has historically taught something that it must be correct.  It takes very little time and effort to discover this is not the case.

Unfortunately, as mentioned previously very few Christians are actually seeking truth, or are completely addicted to the bias of their church.  Most are zealous for whatever traditions they prefer or grew up with and have never looked into the history or basic foundational worldview behind the beliefs they now hold.  They seem to think what they now believe is what was believed in the first century.  WRONG!

I do not know of a single Christian denomination that practices the faith of the first century believers.  Not one!  The primary reason is because the faith practices of the first century followers of Messiah were thoroughly Hebraic and Torah embracing – beliefs which are not only absent from Christianity, but are hotly opposed!  Christianity, as practiced today and since the fourth century, does not resemble the original faith at all.

A deception plagues the Christian world.  Very few Christians ever invest any time studying the history of their faith, or if they do they generally only study the standard party-line version that often goes no further back than the 4th century.  If they go further, particularly to the very birth of the “church” in the first century and the changes following the defeat of Israel in 135CE by the Romans, they would find that the “church fathers” intentionally removed virtually all remnants of Hebraic/Judaic things from “Christianity” and replaced it with pagan Roman spiritual concepts – concepts which have defined Christianity ever since.  One of the primary actions taken during the days of Constantine when the “church” first began to solidify its dogmas was to erase, kill-off, and “rid the world” of every remnant of the original Judaic faith practices and beliefs of the first century followers of Yeshua the Messiah!  Christians have little knowledge of what happened in the first few centuries of the “church” and implicitly declare infallible the “church fathers” without ever studying for themselves.

All that a person really need study to find what the original practices were of Messiah’s followers is to read Acts.  It is the purest and clearest record we have of the religious practices of the Messianic faith, and it is the only inspired record that we can be reasonably certain is not tainted by bias and error.  I discuss the immense importance of the book of Acts here.

It is amazing how many Christians correctly oppose the teachings of the Catholic church regarding the Pope’s infallibility; however, they commit the exact same error by assuming the early “fathers” were perfect in their opinions and decrees.  Additionally, they implicitly show the same infallible adoration of their own pastors – giving them a status of almost divine perfection!  It is shear hypocrisy for non-Catholics to condemn the Catholic faith while they practice virtually the exact same error.

Even though the first century “church” was a sect within Judaism, the early “fathers” took it upon themselves to divest Christianity of the very faith practices which the apostles themselves so fervently adhered to!  Christians mistakenly assume they are practicing the faith just as Shaul (Paul), Kefa (Peter), Ya’akov (James), and others.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Unfortunately, because of an almost universal ignorance of the true beliefs and practices of the first century most Christians are tragically cruising along in error.  Without an understanding of the Hebraic/Judaic foundations of the original faith Christians are guaranteed error.

Far more troubling is the fact that most Christians don’t care!  They are happy with their traditions and are unmotivated to verify if they truly adhere to the eternal Truths of the Eternal God as taught, understood, and written of by the HEBRAIC authors of Scripture.  Even those closest to us that we would hope would listen to our case often seem to be locked in some blind, passive, spell, showing no desire whatsoever to even discuss the issue – much less study it!  My own family is like this.  I am constantly reminded of the Lord’s warning that “the whole world will follow after the Satanically empowered Beast…”.  Those of us that fervently seek to honor The One and Only God and His eternal Torah (instructions) are despised, condemned, or censored.  Thankfully, we currently live in a country where freedom of religion is still present; otherwise, I have no doubt we would find ourselves undergoing far worse persecution at the hands of “loving Christians” – just as the early true believers did.  The Church’s hands are stained with blood, and I suspect the day is approaching when the stain may grow.

Ok.  Let us go to the only source required – the Holy Bible.  Who wrote the Bible?  Perhaps you consider that an outrageously simplistic question.  Well, implicit within the question are the following 2 points:

  1. What was their ethnic heritage?
  2. What was their world view or mind set?

Since “a picture is worth a thousand words”, I will begin with a listing of the books of the Bible, the consensus-opinion author of that book, the ethnic heritage of the author, and the worldview of the author.  This information, though clear and very basic, is often ignored.  It seems the “church” doesn’t want people to dwell very long on the origins of the very Bible they claim to exalt, especially the thought patterns of the Biblical authors.  Most Christians seem to implicitly believe that the authors of Scripture were “Christians” much like themselves.  Such an outlandish assumption is almost laughable since the authors were all Jews firmly adhering to the Judaic practices of the Messianic Sect of Judaism they birthed.  The “church” has done such a superb job of evading the issue that most Christians seem convinced the westernized, Greek philosophical, Nicaean worldview promoted by the church is the same as the Biblical authors.  This is a tremendously false assumption and lies at the very core of virtually all scriptural misinterpretations within many Christian organizations.  After this list is composed the answer to the aforementioned questions will be obvious to all but the most anti-Semitic or deceived.  The authors shown are taken from the Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry website,

Now, look at the list of books and authors of Scripture.  Look again.  Please, look closely again.  Forgive the repetition, but there is something about this list that seems to somehow bi-pass the minds of most Christians.  What is it about the list that figuratively SCREAMS out at you?  What is it about the list that is obvious?  What is it about the list that strongly infers an understanding of basic Hebraic thought is important to an understanding of Scripture?  Finally, what is it about the list that makes opposition to the study of the Judaic/Hebraic roots of Scripture so absurd?  From viewing the list doesn’t it appear obvious that one must approach Scripture from a Hebraic perspective?  If not, would someone please justify why they feel otherwise?  EVERY SINGLE AUTHOR WAS HEBRAIC AND THE PRODUCT OF A THOROUGHLY HEBRAIC WORLD VIEW!

Also, since Torah (loosely interpreted “Law” by many) is the very heart and soul of Hebraic thought, what can be derived from the list regarding the need to truly understand Torah (“teaching” or “instruction”) beyond the simplistic and almost always false understandings of it in the church?

How much of your “Christian” teaching has been spent in detailed study of Torah?  Most Christians do not even know what “Torah” is!  Most pastors that claim to be “educated” and “qualified to teach” have NEVER even studied Torah from a Hebraic perspective – the very basis of Biblical thought!  Furthermore, they do not even realize Torah is important and ignorantly consider us to be the ones requiring teaching without ever even considering that their arrogance may be misplaced.  That’s equivalent to claiming to be able to cross the ocean by water yet not knowing what a boat is – much less how to construct one!  They are ignorant of their ignorance and too proud, apathetic, profitable from their preaching, or deceived to admit it.

Those of us that have studied a bit of Torah find it increasingly difficult to sit idly by while men and women brazenly claim the Torah (“Law”) is abolished without EVER even spending time in a study of what they claim is dead!  And please, do not think you can learn about Torah by studying from anti-Torah biased Christian teachers.  Baptists will study “The Law” from Baptist literature and incorrectly think they know all there is to know.  That’s the old fox guarding the henhouse scenario.  All they will learn is the traditional Baptist view of Torah which, like most other denominations, is very wrong!  Even more frustrating are the hybrid-Torah teachers – traditional Christian organizations that conceal their orthodox Christian teachings behind “Messianic Judaism” garb.  Sadly, these are among the most glaring examples of the deceived and a significant reason for growing opposition from groups like Jews for Judaism.  In such cases I sympathetically tend to side with the Jews For Judaism.

Believe it or not those of us that approach Scripture from the Hebraic perspective and have a bit of understanding of Torah see little evidence (or none) in the New Testament that the Torah has somehow been “superceded” or abolished – not even in the writings of Paul.  This is certainly the case when the Tanakh is followed (read True Rule book article for further info).  However, I did not always feel this way.  At one time I too was deceived into reading Scripture from the traditional non-Hebraic perspective; thus, I did not realize that tradition and a core anti-Semitic spirit prevalent in Christian teaching tainted my understanding.  I will not dwell on this except to say there ARE other interpretations of New Testament Scripture FAR different than is often taught in churches and to understand them one must be aware of Hebraic – and sometimes Rabbinic – thought patterns.

Let’s summarize the findings in the list.  EVERY SINGLE AUTHOR of Scripture, 66 out of 66, is Hebraic (Jewish).  The only possible exception is Luke; however, many scholars feel he was actually a Jewish proselyte, thereby placing him firmly within the confines of Hebraic thought.  Each and every author of Scripture viewed the world, TORAH, eternity, Messiah, the Kingdom message (which is the actual “gospel”), and God from a purely Hebraic perspective.

Do you grasp the importance of this?  Can you begin to see why failure to study from a Hebraic perspective places you outside the realm of the context of the original authors?  It is like trying to study the moon with a cheap pair of binoculars.  Is it becoming obvious why those of us that desire to study the Hebraic foundations of truth are so astounded to find opposition to this simple concept?  Do you see why it is VERY clear that those who prefer to NOT study Hebraic foundations are the ones in error?  How can anyone be so foolish to think that understanding Torah and the Hebraic mind are not important to an understanding of Scripture?  Such rejection of so clear a principle is not just a rejection of the principle, but is a rejection of the instructions of the One and only God given through Israel.

Since God chose the Hebrew mind through which to present His truths it is imperative for us to understand that mind!  

Rejection of the Hebraic approach is rebellion against God!  Christians the world over are choosing “to do what is right in their own eyes” by interpreting Scripture from a worldview that is often in direct conflict with the very authors of the Holy Writ.

Oh, and let’s not forget this crucial tidbit of information.  Yeshua (Jesus) is a Hebrew (Jew).  Yeshua was, is, and forever will be JEWISH!  Is it not odd that Christians the world over worship a Jew (though many try to ignore that point) while refusing to study Scripture from His Hebraic world view?  They even refuse to use the actual Hebrew name of our Lord because it sounds too Jewish or because their church intentionally hides the true name from them!  Most Christians have no interest in Judaic things despite the fact the one they call “Lord” is a Jew, a Hebrew, thoroughly Judaic!  Instead of accepting the true Messiah for what he is, Christian leaders have created a false Messiah based upon what they want him to be, and in so doing have created a very unmessianic Messiah!

Millions the world over claim to “follow Christ” yet haven’t the foggiest idea of the Hebraic foundations of Christ’s teachings or of the Holy Scripture HE studied and revered!  They care little for the teachings (Torah) of the God He worshipped!  The attitude of some Christians borders on spiritual insanity!  The apathy displayed by these Christians and absolute refusal to consider they may be wrong locks them into deception.  They find it much easier to hate the Jew or simply be apathetic than love the Jewish man they call Christ.  They “have eyes yet they see not and ears yet they hear not…” regarding this most fundamental concept.  They live in a self-imposed state of blissful ignorance, and many will ultimately hear Yeshua the Jewish Messiah tell them, “depart from me I never knew you!”  They are – by rejecting the foundational Hebraic principles of Scripture – rejecting Messiah and God!  They have, like Jeroboam of the Tanakh (Older Testament), set up their own flavor of religion because they wish not to practice the Hebraic true faith of Scripture.  IF they are fortunate enough to enter into the coming Kingdom they will find it to be FAR different than they expected and will then definitely begin to see the Hebraic roots.

So why does the church censor or teach against the Hebraic approach?  Why is it that churches would fear a return to the Hebraic roots of Christianity?  There are a number or specific reasons which will be discussed in other articles; however, ultimately it comes down to one dominant reason – a reason of which we were warned would be the case in the end times.  That reason is because in the end (these last days) the whole world was prophesied to follow after the Beastly Harlot, which represents the counterfeit teachings of Satan.