Is Hell Real?

Apr 13, 2015 | False Doctrines & Inaccuracies |


What will be discussed is a standard Christian doctrine – a doctrine that supposedly is supported by Scripture, but is it?  Is it truly supported by the “Scripture” that Messiah and the apostles used and directed us to study in order to grasp absolute truth?  (The last sentence is an important key that should be used to determine the fact or fiction of this doctrine as well as all others.)

The specific doctrine in question is often preached with a zeal rivaling anything else pastors and preachers can voice from their pulpits.  To the open-minded who possess common sense reasoning and grasp what Scripture really teaches it is also perhaps the most ridiculously warped portrayal of a “loving” god that can possibly be imagined and one reason many people wrongly reject the teachings and legitimacy of Scripture (the Bible).  Such people incorrectly believe that this teaching properly describes Biblical doctrine.

This teaching, this fundamental Christian doctrine, this portrayal of G-d, is the teaching of everlasting, unending condemnation to the fiery pit of “hell.”  It is the horrible teaching that the G-d of the Bible is a sadistic torturous god.

Let me state at the start that I was once listed among the adherents of contemporary Christianity; therefore, I know what they teach and believe about the subject.  I’ve “been there, done that” regarding the belief of “hell.” I am now, for lack of a better term, a Monothestic Messianic – a Bible believer that lets the Bible dictate my faith instead of traditions, and that studies the Bible without the shackles of that tradition intimidating me into accepting unscriptural doctrines.

Okay, let’s be honest for a moment despite the cries from most contemporary Christians and Christian preachers labeling me a heretic, damned, and destined to burn in the very hell I’m going to disprove…

The teaching of “hellfire” is – most assuredly – more correctly defined as a teaching of eternal, excruciatingly painful torture that labels G-d as the torturer. And this more accurate description of the doctrine of “hell” is something no contemporary Christian leader wishes exposed or discussed.  As is often the case, accuracy and truth is often an embarrassment to them.  They prefer that their brain-numbed, brainwashed, blindfolded followers do not see the teaching for what it truly is – the ultimate character assassination and defamation of the true G-d of Scripture – a G-d that, sadly, most contemporary Christians know little about if they accept what is generally spewed forth from most contemporary Christian leaders.

The “hell” scenario would tax the creative capabilities of even the most skilled horror film producer.  If you’ve ever watched a blood and guts carnage movie, a suspense filled horror thriller, or played a scary video game, then you still cannot imagine the infinite terror of eternal torture in “hell” with no hope of it ever ending – billions upon billions upon billions … everlasting years of torture.

A major reason why the teaching of “hell” is so readily accepted by so many is because it is truly beyond the reach of comprehension for the human mind, as is the concept of eternity.  No matter how hard one tries to imagine it, the total and complete horror of an everlasting existence in the “fires of hell” cannot be adequately grasped.

As strange and convoluted as it seems, not being able to fully grasp the concept is actually a primary reason so many are foolish enough to accept it.  The effect is akin to a form of subconscious denial.  It is precisely the same scenario regarding how the overwhelming majority of Christians show no apparent fear of the “hell” they accept as truth since they continue to live sinfully even though they believe it exists as a destination for sinners.  The incomprehensible nature of the concept – the implicit subconscious denial – does not allow them to really fear something that they cannot actually grasp.  For sure, if they could grasp it they obviously would not live such a worldly, carnal, sinful existence during their lives on earth.  An exception to this are those who accept the unscriptural doctrine of “once saved, always saved.” They do not think they can ever loose their “salvation” no matter what they do.  The “once saved, always saved” doctrine is the equivalent of a spiritual Get Out of Jail Free! card that never expires and that you never have to give up. Often, this doctrine is followed up with the declaration that the Torah exists to show people how they can’t measure up, effectively encouraging those claiming to be G-d’s people to sin with wild abandon. Hmm. A doctrine that encourages sinning. Who thought that up?

It is absurd in the extreme and the ultimate contradiction in terms for anyone to claim that a god who is, on the one hand, infinitely loving, merciful, compassionate, just, and kind will, on other hand, forever torment and keep a person alive and aware in the most painful of circumstances – the agonizing, unfathomable horror of a blistering flesh burning hellfire that never stops and never consumes the flesh it burns, thus, never granting the condemned person any relief.  Nevertheless, brainwashed (and brainwashing) contemporary Christian leaders the world over do just that.

They attempt to advance the absurdly preposterous idea that G-d is “loving, just, merciful, and kind” while also claiming He is the most extreme torturer imaginable.

Justice?  Is it justice to punish someone eternally for sins they committed in the short span of their life?  Even if that person is or was the most heinous human being the world has ever known, his or her bad behavior and sin still only lasted – at most – a few decades, and usually much less.  And are we to view it as just that endless, torturous punishment is proper payback to such a limited period of sin?  Is eternity in “hell” just punishment for a few years of sin?  Would enforced payback of billions of dollars be a just punishment for stealing five cents?

History is filled with sadistic tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, the inquisition torturers of the Catholic church and popes who sanctioned it, various Roman emperors, serial killers, etc.  They all pale in comparison to the tyrannical rule of the god portrayed in contemporary Christianity – a sovereign torture god who will inflict pain beyond imagination forever.

Worse still, according to contemporary Christianity a person does not even have to be particularly wicked.  All they have to do to earn the torture is to “reject Christ!”  So, even the kindest, most loving and giving person in the world, if he or she does not “accept Christ” will end up in everlasting “hellfire” regardless of how good their lifestyle may have been.  A perfect example of this is a devout Orthodox or Conservative Jew.  I have never in my excess of half a century of life, about 40 years of which I was active within the traditional Christian system, seen a Christian whose devotion to G-d and struggle to live a righteous life pleasing to G-d can compare to what is present in the life of a devout Jew.  Yet, contemporary Christian leaders and many Christians would not hesitate to say that a devout Jew is destined to “hellfire” for the simple reason that they do not “accept Christ” even though that Jew’s lifestyle is generally FAR more righteous than theirs.

Yet it gets even worse!  Those who are unfortunate enough to accept Calvinism (Reformed theology) believe there is nothing a person can do to change their destination if that destination is hell.  The reformed doctrine of “unconditional election” seals one’s fate, and there is nothing that can change that fate.

Yet, there are millions upon millions of unwitting Christians that fall victim to the teachings of Calvinism or that accept enough of it to classify as at least pseudo-Calvinists.  This despite the fact that John Calvin was an egomaniacal murderer, being primarily responsible for Micheal Servetus being baked at the stake (yes baked alive – not simply burned).  And what was Servetus’ crime for which he was so brutally punished?  Well, he did nothing more than disagree with Calvin’s Reformed theology and dared to voice his disagreement through correspondence with Calvin.  Calvin repaid his disagreement by seeing to it that he was killed, and it is that very Calvin who so many history-ignorant Christians hold in high esteem just as they do other Christian “fathers” who committed acts of gross wickedness, most of whom were vehemently anti-Semitic and anti-Torah.  It is thus no great wonder that Christianity is so fundamentally lawless (lawless = anti-Torah) and anti-Semitic.

Is it any wonder that so many people scoff at, or even despise, the god described by contemporary Christianity and are, therefore, never drawn to the Bible to seek G-d?  Such people do not have the blinders of tradition affixed to their heads as do Christians.  They see the god of torture Christianity promotes as an horrific tyrant – a being who exceeds all levels of despotic behavior – the ultimate murderous and sadistic villain – a god that should be rejected instead of embraced.

Well, this study will examine the doctrine of “hellfire” and, in the process, defend the actual loving Creator from those who promote Satanically inspired defamations.  I intend to speak up in defense for the loving, benevolent, long-suffering, kind, forgiving, and just nature of the True G-d.

For this study I will primarily utilize the very Scripture that all the writers of the New Testament, as well as Messiah himself, used and advised us to use to determine truth.  If the “hellfire” doctrine is not present in those Scriptures; then, it should be rejected.

I will show that, indeed, never ending fiery torture in “hell” cannot be proven from those Holy writings.  Unlike contemporary Christian teachers, I will truly follow the example of the Bereans of Acts 17 who “…received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.”  But, wait: If they received “the word”  – presumably the word of Yeshua (Jesus); what would be the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – and then “examined the Scriptures”, that would mean that the “Scriptures” they used were the Tanakh (“Old” Testament) – not the New Testament, right?

But, by following the Berean’s example and New Testament authors’ teachings regarding what “Scripture” I should consult I am actually proving myself to be more of a follower of the New Testament – which I do follow and revere – than most traditional Christians.  This is a fact that can be readily proven from the very pages of that New Testament!  This is a very important point!  Every contemporary Christian preacher, pastor, or apologist I have ever read or heard will do the following:

  1. They rightly quote passages from the New Testament that emphasize the need to study “Scripture” to come to a knowledge of truth.
  2. They often correctly refer to the Berean example of Acts 17:11, as do I, and implicitly or explicitly claim to follow that example.
  3. Then they violate – yes violate – what they say by not following the Berean example as they substitute something different (the New Testament) than the “Scripture” to which those New Testament verses apply!  They do not use the same “Scripture” the Bereans used!  They intentionally misapply the very verses that they use and exhort others to follow.

The facts are:

  1. The “New” Testament did not exist in the first century.  In fact, it was 300 years before the New Testament was even compiled and canonized.
  2. Every single author of the New Testament, without exception, as well as Messiah himself considered the Tanakh (Tah-NOCK´– Older Testament) to be the “Scripture” and the core basis for ultimate truth.  That is beyond dispute, and any Christian who says otherwise is illogical or a liar.  The Berean’s “Bible” was the Tanakh, and the most important portion of that “Bible” was and is the Torah (first five books of Moses) – a fact Christian leaders strive to conceal.
  3. None of the New Testament authors viewed their writings on the same level as the Tanakh.  That is yet another point that virtually all contemporary Christian leaders intentionally conceal.  In fact, as I show in another article on this site, it is a certainty that none of the New Testament authors dared to consider that their personal letters and accounts would ever be equated to, or used to overrule, the “Scripture” they so dearly loved.
  4. ALL passages in the New Testament that exhort us to study the “Scripture” are referring to the Tanakh, not to the New Testament.  I heartily endorse study of the New Testament and spend a lot of time doing that very thing; however, misuse of New Testament passages to conceal the crucial importance of the Tanakh is deceitful.  Such misuse is the standard practice within contemporary Christian teachings.  Worse still is the standard practice of using the New Testament to overrule or negate Tanakh teachings.
  5. So, the Bereans did not study the New Testament as their Scriptures since the New Testament did not exist at that time in history.  They studied the Tanakh.  Therefore, use of the Acts 17 Berean example to illustrate how we are to study the New Testament is a direct and willful false application – a common contemporary Christian misinterpretation of the New Testament.

In short, virtually all Christians violate the very Bible they claim to follow, and they violate it in the most basic, fundamental way by falsely defining “Scripture” or, at the very least, misleading people regarding the level of importance portions of Scripture hold.  Their very definition and/or ranking of “Scripture” is a direct violation of the Scriptural definition of Scripture.

It doesn’t get any more basic than that.  If a person reads the wrong instruction book he or she will never get the correct instructions, and Christian leaders purposely and willfully direct people to the wrong instruction book or deceptively lead them away from realizing the ULTIMATE importance of the Tanakh and, most notably, the Torah.  No doubt the devil laughs with joy as he watches Christian leaders turn mankind away from G-d’s Holy instructions.

The aforementioned points are incontrovertible details that Christian pastors, apologists, and leaders purposely oppose.  They also often condemn those of us who, unlike them, actually follow the instructions of the New Testament authors who taught us to use the Tanakh, not the New Testament, as the basis for our fundamental beliefs.  It is a dramatic irony that those of us who truly do follow the direction of the New Testament authors while most contemporary Christians and Christian leaders do not, even as they hatefully accuse us of being anti-New Testament or counter missionary.

The simple fact is this: most Christian leaders, because of contemporary Christianity’s foundational anti-Semitic and lawless roots, secretly despise the teachings of the Tanakh.  They literally hate those eternal instructions since they so often contradict their beastly falsehoods.  A primary thrust of the contemporary Christian teaching is aimed at opposing what G-d instructs through the Tanakh.  This is particularly true of the Scriptural teachings to revere Torah (law) since Christianity is a fundamentally anti-Torah, lawless (against G-d’s eternal law) religious system that was largely created under Roman rule, the ancient bitter enemy of Israel, to rid mankind of G-d’s eternal Torah.

They also do not truly “follow Christ.”  Proof that Christians and Christian leaders do not actually follow Christ while those like myself do is the subject of an entire article on this website.

So, stay tuned.  I intend to present my defense of G-d as I rebuke the blasphemy that the Eternal Father is a horribly cold-hearted eternal torturer.  By so doing, I will show how contemporary Christians have been duped by the true villains – their blind, lawless promoting, and stiff-necked leaders.

If you wish a more accurate teaching of the afterlife, I strongly suggest reading the books I show on my Recommended Reading page. A good place to start is the outstanding book, The Way of G-d, by Moshe Chaim Luzzatto.