Christianity and Common Sense

Apr 23, 2015 | General |

This discussion has not yet been rewritten or presented in the updated multi-part  format.  That will occur as God wills to provide me the time and energy to do so.

Pleading for a Common Sense Approach!

I hold to one underlying approach in the study of Scripture; one “technique” that I feel minimizes human error.  Using this technique, the only error that may enter into the study is scribal or translator error.  This technique can be summed up by a common sense answer to the question, “What sayeth the Scriptures?”  This approach is in direct opposition to the “mystery” and biased approaches that Christianity developed and has used for over 1700 years after eradication of the original Hebraic based beliefs, leaders, and practices that were standard up to around the fourth century.

As the heat is turned up which proves the Trinity and other fundamental Christian doctrines to be wrong, Traditionalists are calling for a renewed embrace of the “mystery” and bias.  They are literally saying one should accept what is unprovable instead of what is easy to prove!  DUH!?  I have long felt the false god presented by Traditional Christianity and its modern daughter, counterfeit (not to be confused with True) Messianic Judaism, needed to be opposed.  After waiting for it to happen, I decided to stop shirking my responsibility to stand against whatever opposition is present in order to speak for truth.  I decided instead of cursing the darkness I would light a candle.  I make no claims to that candle being perfect, but simply hope it will light a path for you that will lead to further knowledge of our Messiah and the true God, a God which Messiah, himself, worshipped with total devotion.

I have become increasingly dismayed at the apparent need of some to venture far beyond the inspired Written Truth (Tanakh) and delve deeply into extrabiblical material for many of their “proofs”, as they seek to proclaim their understanding of truth.  This is particularly troublesome to me within “Messianic” circles.  In fact, these unhebraic, Christianized Messianic groups are worse than Traditional Christian organizations.  At least within Traditional Christianity the disagreements center upon ONLY the Bible; therefore, there is common ground from which to discuss.  However, the Messianic groups have opened up the discussion to volumes of extrabiblical material – even mysticism – in which the PURE Truth (Tanakh) of Scripture is all but lost.

I truly fear the Messianic movement is drawing ever closer to becoming a CULT (in some cases already is) headed by many self-anointed “rabbis”.  The misuse and distortion of the Talmud and Kabbalah among these counterfeit Messianics is often more common than the use of pure Scripture!  I sometimes wonder if the leaders of this new Christianized counterfeit Judaism want to wash away their audience in a sea of their corrupted understanding of the oral Torah as though they hope that by implying that they possess knowledge of these references, it somehow will prove they know what they are talking about.  Even more alarming is how often they succeed in intimidating others with their apparent “knowledge” into thinking they must be correct.  This greatly disturbs me, and I would like to present my argument as to why the use of “Common Sense” combined with the pure Written Word is usually the best way to approach Biblical study.

I have grown to realize that in some cases common sense may be in shorter supply within many Messianic groups than it is in Traditional Christianity, especially those addicted to the hallucinogenic drug of their unique and twisted version of Kabbalah, which if interpreted properly is immensely useful. Unfortunately, it is generally not interpreted correctly by self-anointed Messianic “rabbis”, specifically when they misuse it to allegedly prove Messiah’s Deity.

Legitimate Kabbalah never states or even hints at the possibility that Messiah will be The Eternal Creator “incarnate” or “in the flesh”, and for counterfeit Messianic “rabbis” to claim otherwise proves them to be blatant liars who shred truth for the sake of their own egos. It is also so that they can remain in the good graces of their mother faith, Christianity.

In most cases only the written scripture – the Tanakh (irreverently called the “Old” Testament by Christians) and the New Testament – is needed to present the truth.

  • When the Scripture repeatedly shows Messiah to NOT be “God” but to be the perfectly obedient anointed servant of God, I accept Messiah to be God’s perfectly obedient servant.
  • When the Scripture clearly states that YHVH (God) cannot be tempted, and yet Yeshua WAS tempted; then, I conclude Yeshua cannot be God.
  • When the Scriptures make it clear God cannot die, and yet Yeshua most certainly did die; then, I conclude Yeshua cannot be God.
  • When Yeshua says YHVH is his God, and others tell us YHVH is the God of Yeshua, then I accept their witness and conclude Yeshua is NOT God and that he worships the same God that we should.
  • When the Scripture says Messiah will MAGNIFY and make HONORABLE the Law (Torah), I accept Messiah to have come to exalt the Torah instead of abolishing it.
  • When the Scripture says, “THIS day have I begotten thee” in reference to Messiah, I accept he was not begotten until that day.
  • When the Scripture plainly warns over and over that willful, sinful lifestyles may lead to eternal death despite one’s “belief” in “Christ”, I believe such to be the case.
  • When the Messianic writings (New Testament) do not present a single example of a new believer in Messiah EVER stating they consider him God, I believe he is obviously NOT God and that it is wrong for Messianics and Christians to demand that a person must acknowledge Yeshua (Jesus) is God or risk eternal damnation.  Of course, there is also not a single example of any in the New Testament who promoted Yeshua as Messiah ever requiring that the one they convinced must acknowledge Messiah is God.  Read the book of Acts if you doubt this.

What has happened to common sense?  What has happened to just accepting what the majority of Scriptural evidence proves?  As long as the Scripture is correctly translated why can’t we just take the clearly stated evidence as truth?  What is it with all this need many feel of having to swamp the student with biased and faulty interpretations of Kabbalah or other forms of oral Torah when the Bible itself is often very clear?  What difference does it make what the Talmud, Zohar, or writings of the church fathers say, when the facts are clear in Scripture?  If someone chooses to reject the clear Scripture, so be it.  That is a signal to wipe the dust from your feet, leave their eternal soul in the hands of the Almighty to judge their rejection of truth, and move on.

I am always suspicious of those who throw out clouds of traditional chaff in situations when all that is needed is for one to accept what the passages clearly say.

For those who are unfamiliar with chaff, it is used to confuse radar so that your opponent will either not see you coming or will not be able to successfully defend by intercepting your attack.  It is also used to prevent or frustrate the necessary missile lock on your aircraft during air-to-air or ground-to-air missile engagements.  Chaff is composed of small metallic strips which, when shot into the air by the attacker, make it difficult for an enemy who is using radar controlled weaponry to properly identify or track the incoming aircraft.  Chaff is often used in conjunction with decoys or, as is most often the case, electronic countermeasures that are tuned to the frequencies of the radar and can actually be termed electronic chaff.  When combined, these intentional attempts to “deceive (decoys)” or “confuse (chaff)” the radar allows the enemy to slip right in and destroy the target.  Chaff, decoys, and complicated forms of electronic countermeasures are indispensable aids to both the offensive and defensive efforts of militaries the world over.

Well, quite frankly, what I am seeing more and more today is “chaff” and “decoys” within the world of Christianized Messianic Judaism as Messianic “rabbis” flood the internet and libraries with torrents of wrongly presented and faulty Judaic oral Torah or other sources.  The result is a “confusing” (chaff) and “deceptive” (decoys) mix that leaves the reader full of information that is – in actuality – often either useless, irrelevant, or downright harmful, especially since all that is ordinarily needed is a simple reading of the Holy Scripture.

Throughout church history this method of drowning truth in a sea of wordiness and tradition has been used to great success in confusing truth, and now I see the same technique becoming the de-facto standard within the world of counterfeit Messianic Judaism.  The only difference is that within this new Jewish dressed Christian spin-off the sea of wordiness and tradition comes from rabbinic sources instead of the church creeds and writings of the church fathers.  Indeed, the “chaff” within Christianized Messianic Judaism has become a huge and growing cloud of confusion and vanity that threatens to destroy all credibility of the movement and drives many away that may otherwise heed the valuable pro-Torah Message (vs. the Torah of counterfeit Messianics which still zealously promote idolatry).  It is often a struggle to find the point amid many of the articles on counterfeit Messianic sites since they spend so much time spewing forth grossly distorted versions of oral Torah that most people do not have the education to be able to judge as being legitimate or illegitimate.

I DO feel there is a great need, especially for Christians, to understand the HISTORIC Hebraic worldview.  I present an article that discusses that issue.  Without an understanding of basic Hebraic thought, it is impossible to properly understand Scripture, particularly the New Testament.  I often refer to Hebraic foundations in many of my articles as do others, whose articles I present on this site.  A perfect example of this is seen in my article, “Preexistence of Messiah?”, in which I present the historic Hebraic concept of preexistence.

So, what is the difference between what I present and what is presented by the sites that cause me such alarm?  Well, the difference is that my references are generally with regard to basic Hebraic understandings of issues from legitimate sources and that are presented without Christian biased distortion.  Counterfeit Messianics, on the other hand, often present scattered understandings that are often severely contorted into a form that is unrecognizable from their legitimate meanings. This is particularly the case with regard to the question of whether of not Messiah is “God in the flesh” as most counterfeit Messianics believe.

Also, though I may make limited reference to bacis and traditional understandings from Kabbalah, the modern counterfeit Messianics take Kabbalah and twist it into an unrecognizable shape for use in their efforts to “prove” the deity of Yeshua.  The use of their distorted version of Kabbalah is generally not limited, and usually their entire case for the deity of Yeshua is based upon their Christianized, distorted Kabbalistic ramblings!  They often delve deeply into a world of outlandish mystical, highly speculative insanity.

As I mention in another article, trying to have a Scriptural discussion with one of these Kabbalistic distortionists is like talking to a tree stump or a drug addict on an LSD trip.  In some cases the demonic force of deception guiding them is easily discerned, or their self-exaltation is obvious as they take upon themselves a “guru” status.

I realize it may be hard to grasp my meaning and may appear that I am splitting hairs.  In contrast to my limited use of Hebraic/Judaic references, those groups to which I refer when I express alarm are often dominated by Rabbinic and Kabbalistic teachings, which they distort to align with their Christianized bias.  They twist Judaic teachings into a counterfeit form many naive people will gladly mistake as truth.  In a very real sense many messianic “rabbis”, as part of their counterfeit system of teaching, are creating an entirely new false religion – a religion that is actually little different than traditional Christianity and that includes almost all of its errors.  Sadly, many Messianics fail to see the danger in this newly developed hybrid mix of distorted oral Torah and traditional Christianity.

These same Messianic “rabbis” often do not fully explain to their audience the tremendous complexities and widely varying opinions that are found in Judaic teachings.  One can find support for almost any position within Judaism’s writings if those writings are distorted beyond recognition, which many Messianic “rabbis” do.

In short, I see great value and need in the presentation of Hebraic/Judaic truths if they are correctly and legitimately presented.  I have a separate article on my vehement opposition to the illegitimate form of Kabbalah many Messianic “rabbis” promote and invite you to read it. Kabbalah can be and in fact is extremely useful; however, if improperly presented or practiced it is extremely destructive. I discuss this within an article in which I prove the legitimacy of the concept of “oral Torah.”

Even as I promote knowledge of the Hebraic worldview, I do so with caution.  Also, I do so only to show contrast with the Alexandrian, Roman, pagan worldview Constantinian Christianity adopted as it intentionally and brutally divorced itself from the Hebraic worldview that ALL writers of the Bible held.

I plead for a halt to the confusion of the Word that seems to be in full swing, and a return to the SIMPLE, COMMON SENSE APPROACH of just accepting what the verses say!  Of course, common sense and Scriptural context have always been the enemy of Traditional Christianity, and now it is an even more powerful enemy to the false, unhebraic, mystical counterfeit Messianic movement.  Quite simply, the leaders of this New-Age, Christianized Messianic movement despise common sense approaches because they know the deception will be removed as soon as people begin to accept what the Scriptures say within the context in which it is said.